News - How To Unlock The New Jak Glassless Optic Warzone 3. Week 4 Aftermarket Attachment

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So guys, if you don't have this attachment in War Zone right now, you're at a serious disadvantage. Most of the pros have already gotten on this, and they have it in their classes. It's a red dot. A new red dot that's been released in the weekly challenges you get to do gives you the best advantage in the war zone.

What I'm talking about today is the glassless jack. Optics gives you the opportunity to also have aiming stability, despite the lack of a little bit of aim-down sight speed. From what I've heard from a lot of pros playing with this in a tournament in Resurgence, they didn't notice the difference, so some of them are good and some of them are really bad.

In this case, this one is really good, and I do recommend you get it done. So it's week four in the weekly challenges for the aftermarket parts. This can go on any weapon; it's just a site; it'll go on top, and it'll just make recoil very easy for some really strong recoil guns like the MTZ 762. So what you have to do to get this guy is head over to week four, and you can see your three different options.

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You have multiplayer zombies and Battle Royale for me. I've already completed two in Battle Royale. This happens pretty easily when you just play this all the time, like opening chests or landing. Here, do contracts. Here is some pretty simple stuff. Right now, it's asking for an AR, a recommended AR, so one of them right now is the BP50, which is an amazing AR, especially in high core mode, so you're just dropping people, or when you're playing high core with a very good weapon with an alternate, ammo, just put in like hollow point doesn't affect anything; it's fine, easy done, then another one you can do is you can put it into tack St and get 20 kills with this weapon, another one easy done, and then another one you can do with that same recommended weapon is get three kills without dying or without magazine, whatever it is, you'll do that without even noticing.

From doing do or two, and that's three already done if you do not have the Battle Royale one done, and then if you don't have that done, a Kimbo retes is done easily. Just look through them, guys, and you'll get them done. Really, really easy. Jump into the gameplay and see what you think, guys.

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Unlock the secrets of the NEW JAK Glassless Optic in WARZONE 3 and transform your gameplay overnight. This video dives deep into the groundbreaking secret aftermarket attachment that's taking the game by storm.
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