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Skill-based matchmaking is something that does not belong in Call of Duty. It simply ruins the experience for all Call of Duty players in today's article. I'm going to show you guys exactly how you can remove skill-based matchmaking from the war zone for good now. At the time of this article, ö San has just dropped Moder Warfare 3.

If you guys have actually played it, you guys know that the skillbase matchmaking was cranked to the max, and every lobby was extremely sweaty and very unenjoyable to play while trying to chamo grind or just play casually. You see, skill-based matchmaking was cranked up a lot more in the release of Moder Warfare 3, and now, with the new map.

And the way it works is if you actually get a lot of kills or just a decent amount of kills like five or 10 it's going to put you in a much sweatier Lobby fighting players around your similar skill level which usually isn't that big of a deal, but basically every single person in your lobby is probably going to be much better than you and the higher KD you have the more likely it is that you're going to get higher KD players in your lobby so if you are an average player with about a 0.9.

how to get bot lobbies

Or 1.1 kd, you can expect to have players with a 1.2. If you guys are trying to figure out how you can get that sweet, sweet good bot lobby that you've been craving for a very long time. I have the perfect solution for you guys, and this is actually what a lot of streamers and YouTubers use to get much easier lobbies; it's called sbmm.

Off it is a VPN that allows you to change your geolocation, and region to areas to make the game think that you live in a different place in the world now those players in those different regions play the game much more casually versus your normal Lobby you know you're not getting stacked up with Barry Gary Terry and Jerry that are all running riot shields with shotguns stacking and P pushing you all at once while your teammates are running away a lot of these players hardly even shoot back and they have absolutely no awareness which basically means that they are bots so this takes you from playing against 1.2, plus KD players, to fighting players that are in negative we're talking

how to get bot lobbies console

These players are very bad, so if you guys are wondering how your favorite YouTuber or streamer is getting really easy lobbies, this is exactly how, and if you guys set this up, you guys will get very easy lobbies too. SP Spmm Off is not the only VPN service out there, but in my opinion, it is probably the best.

I've actually tried a lot of other VPNs. You know for research purposes, and I found that SPM moff has absolutely no ping issues, although I will say that other services have had ping issues, and it's very consistent; it gives you bot lobbies almost every time, especially if you play during certain hours.

Now most VPN services give you maybe five or seven different GE locations, but this one gives you over 40, which makes it very unlikely that you're going to run into any other sweats that are using this as well, so there's a really good chance you're going to get a bot lobby all to yourself. So real quick, I want to show you guys a quick demonstration of exactly how this works.


I actually turned my VP on in this gameplay right here. You guys are trying to see that the players in here are just not responding. At all keep in mind I have around a 3.5. KD, so I should be playing against other players that are moving around the map and shooting back, probably bunny-hopping and drop-shotting all the time.

I should be getting fried by very good players, but I'm not sure all the players are extremely bad. Now this actually works for Moder Warfare 2 and Moder Warfare 3, so if you guys are trying to play the older version as well as the multiplayer for Moder Warfare 3, this does work across everything, including the new war zone map.

I've been using this service for about 5 months, and I can definitely say this is a very good product and definitely worth the purchase. It's a one-time purchase, so you're never going to have to buy it again, compared to other services that charge you monthly. This is definitely a huge win, and I do want to mention that this only works on PC.


Now, I do want to know what your thoughts are you guys thoughts on the whole skill-based matchmaking thing in War Zone right now. I know in Modern Warfare 3 it was very bad, and like I said, this is coming from a person who's already unlocked the Mastery camo for this Call of Duty. I've spent a lot of time playing the game already, and I can definitely say that the skill-based matchmaking has been terrible, even worse than Moder Warfare 19 and Modern Warfare 2 combined.

I mean, it's really bad. I'm pretty sure I queued for a game five times that already had gunships in the air, and I'm getting spawn camped on Rust, so like I said, it's very bad, and this is the best way to counter it right now. I do want to mention that on some of my articles, it's been more of the, you know, newer players that are complaining than the older players.


It's not only affecting good players; even bad players are having an overall bad experience. But anyway, with that being said, that's all I have for this one. And join my Discord so you guys stay up to date with any you know VPN changes or uploads, of course, on the channel, and you guys can also ask me any questions in person and I can answer them very quickly.

Peace, love, and understanding

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