News - The Newest Absolutely Broken Thing Warzone Is. 2-shot Kill

2 shot kill mw3

You, Mate You know you've got something broken when these are the death commas you get. Quite often, we get things that are overpowered and completely broken. You have to unlock this now and use it, and it turns out it's a load of junk. Either it's really hard to use or it's got about a 2 and 1 half M range on it, or I don't know it takes some ammo that you can only restock in moreor or something.

This is not one of those times when I'm about to show you that I'm truly messed up. I have to give a shout out to Woman Isaac because he's the one who got me onto this loadout. Thank you, Isaac. I don't even know how you pronounce that—let's say tire—but the important thing to know is that you fit the Jack Beholder rifle kit to it.

So in theory, this thing is supposed to be some sort of carbine rifle, but really, it's just a two-shot pistol, but it's two shots from anywhere in the upper half of the body. If we look at this model here, anywhere that's orange or red, you land. Two shots inside of 20 M; they're dead outside of 20 M; three shots, that's it; three shots out to infinity in a crotch shot; three crotch shots down to infinity; and they're dead.

This is bonkus; this is on fully plated enemies in War Zone, not multiplayer cheese, War Zone.

60-second montage of rage

60-second montage of rage

We got 60c Montage now just so you can see what this thing does and then load it out straight after that, and you'll be on your way. This thing's disgusting. House, so hopefully you're not getting hot palpitations about what's to come in the next couple of days in the war zone, and you're about to get ahead of the curve.

I'm just going to give one little caveat with this build personally. I can't stand this gun on the mouse and keyboard, so I took it into Resurgence with the controller. Going through the loadout, we got the KR hx15 laser light for added mobility. We've also got the DR6 hand stop, which is going to do exactly the same.

We've got the ol Fury Trigger action, which is going to increase our fire rate. In terms of sight, whichever one you prefer, the nidar gives a real clear sight picture. Make sure you're nice and centered on Target, and then, obviously, the Jack Beholder rifle kit, as mentioned in all seriousness.


This is the close range option for Resurgence, and right now I've given you the proof. I've given you the loadout. Now go out there and enjoy some of those deaths for yourself. I just want to regain what I do want

No 'cap' or hype - this thing is GENUINELY NASTY, especially for controller players! Unleashing the JAK BEHOLDER aftermarket kit for the Tyr Pistol, making it a 2-SHOT KILL to ANYWHERE ON THE UPPER BODY against a fully plated opponent! Today's is a really short video, quickly explaining how the gun works, a 60 second montage of it in action and then straight into the loadout. Another week, another disgustingly broken META in Call of Duty Warzone.
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