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best way to get a ray gun in zombies

Welcome back to another article. In today's article, we're going to be diving into another way to get another ray gun. Even if this gray gun is not a schematic, if you just want to use a ray gun in general and you don't have the schematic, we're talking about the blueprint or anything like that. I know a location where you can actually try to get one.

In this article right here, we're going to be showing you guys how we actually ran into some ray weapons. In particular, the only reason we actually came here was because we saw two players. Saying please for help now right here tells me that these players will actually be trying to complete a mission here because, to be honest.

The Fortress is definitely one of the hardest places to actually go. As you guys can see right here, this is not a place that you can just blaz in there and start shooting because the enemies are infinite. So many of you guys, regardless of what you should do or how many enemies you drop, are still going to be dropping as support helicopters, constantly going to keep bringing mercenaries in there, and it's going to be almost impossible to actually go in there and get anything done now.


If you come in here all by yourself alone, you better bring at least three or two self-revived men. There's no way that you're going to survive this, because keeping a distance is not even the only option. Now you guys know that some of these mercenaries are going to rush at you with a knife. Sometimes they come unexpectedly, where you can't really do anything about it, and then they start hitting you, and they will drop you.

One of the things that you can do when coming in here is at least bring your weapon. Pack Punch so you can do a lot more damage. Yes, your weapon is a pack-a-punch. It would definitely do a lot more damage to the mercenary ASO as opposed to, you know, bringing just your regular weapon. Another thing I suggest to actually get this done is to make sure you guys have certain perks.

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When I say certain perks, I would say some unique ones that would definitely help you stay alive, and I would also make sure you guys have enough armor now, as you can see right here. I barely had any armor, and we weren't prepared to actually go in here and try to complete this activity. This article is only 5 minutes long, so we are basically going to find out that they were actually trying to complete a mission.

Once you complete a mission, you can actually get a rifle in this area right here. You guys, first things first, let's talk about some of the purses that can actually help you in this area. One of the purses that can help you is definitely the number one the jut. Yes, that one is going to give you extra health.

Now you can go from 100 to. I believe, 150 or 200 on health, so when you're getting hit by some of these mercenaries, zombies, or anything like that, you can see your health actually increase, and it helps you stay alive a lot longer. Another perks that you can use that are going to help you in this area is the staminon perk.

St perks allows you to keep running. As far as your tactical running and things like that, you can't get tired as quickly, and that actually helps you, you know, with your agility and things like that. So, that's actually pretty good, and that's another part that comes in handy. Another perk is Speed Cola.

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You guys, Speed Cola will allow you to reload a lot faster. One of the reasons why reloading a lot faster comes in handy is because if you get into a situation where you guys are already getting jumped by multiple mercenaries. The time that you need to reload. Before somebody comes and hits you or shoots you in a close area, maybe not right here in this area, where I actually have all the time in the world to actually reload.

Maybe not here, but in other times you guys speed call, I definitely come in handy because you want to be able to reload. As you can see right here, the Legacy eliminated itself, so that is what the mission is called, you guys, the Legacy, so this right here will allow you to actually get so many good rewards, which you guys are about to find out.

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So right here is the main building; right here is the reward reef, and we're going to go ahead and open this, unfortunately. You guys, I know you guys are probably waiting to see what we got, but unfortunately. We did not get it, but look at my teammate. My teammate got the ray gun, and I had asked him if some of the other guys got the ray gun, and he said he believed one of them actually did, so about two people actually got the ray gun, so the chances of you getting a ray gun in this location from what it seemed like if two people got the r gun tell me that if you just want a ray gun, all you have to do is do that activity, and the chances of you getting a ray gun are probably about 70%.

How to Get a Ray Gun Easy in Modern Warfare III Easy Guide. in today's video we are on a journey in DMZ MW3 ZOMBIE mode as i said dmz is back in mw3 with a twist. To be more direct this video we going to be looking at how to get a Ray Gun outside the Ref zone this is another way.
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