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This is DK Dynamite, and today we're going to be talking about the canceled Moder Warfare 3 experience that we've been wondering about for a while, but now we have the answers to definitely stay tuned. Hopefully you guys don't mind that I'm a bit here in my robe in the podcast room, as I want to take a bit of a trip down memory lane, so you guys are.

The map that finally released after 3+ years␦

The map that finally released after 3+ years␦

Probably aware that as of a couple of years ago, during the prime war zone days (we're talking 2020), when verdance was a fairly new experience, there were several rumors running rampant around the Call of Duty Community in regards to ukhan.

Eventually, this would be a battle royale map, and it was speculated that this would eventually be another war zone map that joined Verdan and the map rotation. At some point throughout Modern Warfare's life cycle, maybe even Black Ops Colder's life cycle, they never really amounted to anything, although it would have made sense narratively.

This map was supposed to drop but strangely didn␙t

In my experience, it was the first War Zone 2 map, and it launched with season 1 of Modern Warfare 2 last year, even though it probably would have made more sense if Los Almos was the map. We of course have plenty of areas of Las Almos used for 6v6 multiplayer, even ground war, but for some reason.

Amasra ended up being in the spotlight, so if you take a look at the actual physical map of Las you can find in the campaign, that gave us a hint that maybe Los Angeles would eventually be a war zone experience, but it just never happened now. Funny enough, shortly after the launch of season 1 of Modern Warfare 2, leakers out there and data miners were still claiming that Los Angeles would eventually be a war zone experience and even went as far as to leak the points of interest for that map, which eventually amounted to the points of interest we currently have in Ukraine, which is crazy to think about.

Most people didn␙t know about this map change

Most people didn␙t know about this map change

Like I mentioned before, when Ukhan initially got the tack map for it, people out there compared that tack map to the physical map you can find in Mon Warfare 2's campaign, and what do you know? It's an identical, nearly one-to-one type of map that makes it seem like at one point the war map that was going to be released with modern warfare 3's integration was going to be Las Alus, but for some reason got changed aesthetically into Ukhan.

The layout is fairly similar though, and what's really weird about that is that, las Alas. I think it would have also made sense as a war zone map to release this year if Moder Warfare 3's campaign was an actual sequel to Modern Warfare 2, but like I mentioned previously, each entry of the new Modern Warfare rebooted trilogy feels like a standalone experience.

Story-wise, at least they don't exactly feel connected the way that you would expect a trilogy to feel like, and that's odd and does make the MW trilogy a bit unique but also makes it seem like we had different writers for each game now. ö has featured quite a bit throughout Modern Warfare 3's campaign, so yeah, it makes sense that this ended up being the war map as a part of the MW3 integration, and we of course have several areas of Zan that are used for war and even ground war, so that works.

I'm sure they wouldn't have wanted to go ahead and just release more Las Alma sections.

First look: the cancelled mw3 experience␦

First look: the cancelled mw3 experience␦

In the launch window of Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer, that probably wouldn't have been well received , but a particular account over on Twitter did go ahead and share the official concept R of what appears to be the Las almus war zone experience which we never ended up seeing released and this is really cool take a look at as you guys can see it looks a lot more bright and colorful than ukhan does you can clearly see similar looking points of interest that currently exist within urzikstan, but are combined with the ground war and 6v6 maps that we already have within MW2 multiplayer.

So I do think that whatever this last almost war zone experience was a part of the original year 2 plan that I think Infinity W had for Modern Warfare 2. Now, what's cool is that one of the areas we could see in this concept did actually end up coming out in gunfights, though towards the end of Mon 2's life cycle, but it's crazy to see that there is.

Proof that Los Alas was going to be added to the war zone at some point, but like I mentioned before, this happens every now and again for Call of Duty.

Who was working on the scrapped las almas map?

Who was working on the scrapped las almas map?

Ward and Beox Now that we know that Infinity Ward developed Almaza, we know that Hon Studio developed Shikawa Island, whereas Boox was responsible for Vondo. I know that for sure since I went ahead and played Vondo early last year and talked to plenty of amazing boox developers who shared their experiences, but if Los Alo was going to be made by Beox.

I was wondering how that would have affected Vondal. And then what did that mean for the future because Raven is responsible, at least to my understanding, for the development of Ekhan? but it took a lot of inspiration from Boox. Las Almas is clearly right, so obviously, with every new war map, it's always a massive studio effort or a collective effort across many studios, so I'm never going to say that just one studio made one war map.

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Typically, there's like a lead studio and then a bunch of other studios under them that help out with that, but it's cool to know that Raven and Beox collaborated, quite a bit for what is now ukhan following development of the original Las Almas plan. Although the title does mention that this was a Modern Warfare 3 experience, you guys are probably like, Wait, this is actually for War Zone.

What do you mean, MW 3?

The mw3 identity crisis if this map would␙ve dropped

Well, I wanted to include this in the article because this is actually really important to understand. This would have created an identity crisis for Modern Warfare 3 bigger than the one that I think already exists now. If they had released L Alma as the big block map with the MW3 integration, that would have just fueled the controversy even more.

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