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2 we'll go over all the Intel you need to play and destroy Ops in the map departure. This map is really cool and offers a bunch of new strategies and opportunities for you to win your next games, but before we start, we have an important announcement. We just hit 1, 000 subscribers, and to keep that pace going, we'll be doing a giveaway at 5, 000 subscribers.

We'll give away $50 in COD points to one person who enters the giveaway, like in this article. Make sure to share the article so we'll reach 5, 000 subscribers fast, and don't worry, we'll give proof of the giveaway once it happens. Deploy to the infamous zeekay of International Airport in this medium-sized multiplayer map featuring indoor and outdoor fighting spaces.

Take your chances in the main lobby or set up by the barricade at the airport. Drop off whatever your strategy; you'll need to be fast on your feet to win your battles. Consult this guide for the top strategies and tips to consider when competing on departures, so you can secure the victory screen no matter what the enemy throws your way.

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Here is the Intel card that Call of Duty dropped on the blogs. I'll summarize this very quickly for you guys, so number one is to mark your spot. The map offers many spots where you can spawn tactically. The recommended ones are behind the restaurant bar by the electronics counter or near the washroom in the cosmetics store.

By forcing the location of your next spawn, you'll be better prepared to respond after you go down. The second tip is to equip a 4.0x magnification optic on your assault rifle. The map contains many mid-range sight lines, so you'll need to be able to zoom and also fight up close. The third tip is one we all know and love: take The High Ground by taking the upper walkway along the right side of the map.

When crossing the airport, you can get on top of the enemies, and from here, you can fire into the main lobby. Tactical overview in team-based modes Squads will either spawn by security north or by check-in south. The main lobby and drop-off points lie between the two main spawns, challenging operators to fight inside and out of Zakay EV International Airport.

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The map is divided into four sections based on key areas around the map: the main spawn point, which contains the security office rest area, and the main spawn point, which contains the check-in luggage business hall. cargo Gate South exit alley. Burgertown. An additional area that contains the main lobby, the North Lobby walkway, a restaurant, cosmetics, shopping electronics, and an additional area called drop-off.

Main spawn point security North operators spawning in security benefit from a couple of important advantages The security hall presents several long-shot opportunities out toward shopping and into the lobby if you move up to the escalators. Those looking for close-range combat can opt to swing through the office toward the rest area, which then descends into the lobby on the side of the outdoor drop-off.

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The security and office areas are also useful for their overhead cover, with just a slim portion of glass over part of the security once you move up toward the map center. That overhead cover gives way to large glass ceiling panes installed over the lobby's main spawn point. Check-in sound: the southern check-in spawn offers a maze of routes forward, an advantage to operators with a basic knowledge of the layout.

Check-in leads to three main points of interest: Move west to take the fight outside and drop off your head toward Burgertown. face the main lobby head-on or take the stairs to the business hall for a raised pathway across the airport with multiple paths. Branch out from the central check-in hub leading to these three main areas and get a handle on the various paths to improve your chances of outplaying enemies lost in the Maze.

Stay within its bounds to control the lower portion of the map, or move up when you're ready to push toward the center. Drop off a barricade of response Vehicles spill out onto the airport's drop-off point. Entry points line the shared walls of the airport, making it difficult to anticipate the next point of battle.

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Vehicles offer the main points of cover here. Get behind them or jump on top of them to suit your needs. Drop-off makes for a great detour across the map when the action in the main lobby gets too intense. With connections to the south exit near check-in and the north exit near security, it's possible to set up a dominant position in the area, with quick access to several major points on the map that were used for departures.

I wish you all the best, and don't forget about the giveaway. Also, make sure to send us Call of Duty clips if you want us to use them.

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