News - Cod: Warzone 2 - Reactor. Stealth Kills. No Damage. No Detection

Go Target those Hilo sticks; whatever con's after, let's keep it on the ground. I have eyes on you, Captain. I'll relay what I see from overhead. Thanks for the assistance. Watch up MRA means all hands on deck. John stations we're seeing on the perimeter; they're searching the area; stay on them; no radiation gear doesn't add up; they could be after more than nuclear material; stay on them; copy, watcher.

There are Tony reinforcements heading your way, Captain, who are still not picking up any radiation. Johnny Garrick: Anything NE goes, neither is con. If there's no radioactive material, what's the con of staying on it? inbounding Target locked Shots Out, Shots Out Bravo 6: Be advised Cony-armored Hilo is overhead.

John got a mounted mg coming your way on an armored vehicle. Vehicle Z turret six should knock that Hilo out of the sky. Mone's breaking off. Watch your back out. The VTO in my position last week destroyed nice work. Whatever con's after stays on the ground, be advised. Bravo 6 Con has entered the reactor; you need to get down there.

Tailo isn't going. Anywhere you think you're scared of Boss, they could be finding what they're looking for. Their eyes look like they're converging on the reactor, and that's where we need to be. Bravo weapons hot push to the reactor to you make, ity, you're breaking up sign C, you've got an enemy helicopter overhead, it's at the reactor deployed ROP.

One V is something they're bringing in secondary extraction; we have to stop them. Engaging [__] Hell, all stations C's are extracting chemical weapons; con's are taking the gas out on that Hilo; we're going to lose him. Watcher, can you track him on a ghost stand by this is six reactor sealed I lock it ISR shows con personnel entering the reactor stay cover we're moving your.

Way head shot KCK in the high Ro I's moving up to wasn't nulear never were stash here, take cover captain we're almost there gas is closing Baro watch your s captain we're up to grab the rope gas is closing in go on the room Captain got.

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