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best controller settings mw2

If you're looking to increase your aim accuracy as well as gun skill and potentially drop your first MGB nuke here in Modern Warfare 2 season 2, my settings have got you covered.

Best mw2 controller settings season 2

Best mw2 controller settings season 2

All right, as you guys can see here, I play with an Xbox Elite controller on PC. These controllers are perfect, allowing you to remap your Crouch and Prone buttons as well as allowing you to perform a jump shot and a drop shot a hell of a lot easier. The button layout, if you guys are new to Call of Duty tactical, is going to be the absolute best.

Button out to play, allowing you to perform a drop shot a hell of a lot easier, which will allow you to win more close range gunfights and also stay alive a lot longer to increase your KD ratio and drop And, with MGB Nuke, it's going to remap that melee and crouch button, so all I have to do to pretty much go from a crouch to a prone is press down on your right thumbstick; that's going to make drop-shouting a lot easier anyway.

best modern warfare 2 settings

Staying alive a lot longer as well, we're going to go down to this vibration setting. Now, honestly, I would like to have the vibration turned off. It's just unnecessary movement. It's going to throw off my aim and accuracy at longer ranges, and that's going to be very important and crucial, and where I feel a lot of players are falling short here in Modern Warfare 2, especially you, the new players, for the sensitivity settings.

Especially low sensitivity is like that ex-girlfriend you can't get away from sometimes. I turn it up, sometimes I turn it down, but I always find myself going back to 4/4 as well as a 0.75; this is the absolute. You're going to have little to no stick play on your controller, and you'll be able to map people and even turn them on at close ranges, and that's going to be super effective here in multiplayer.

Now you guys can see in my stats in multiplayer that I have all these actually set by default. I have not changed any of the third-person ground air vehicles' or tablets' activities; you don't have to go ahead and touch any of these settings now; we're actually going to go down to You can see it here.

best mw2 settings

For Run and Gun players, automatic, tactical sprint is going to be a godsend, allowing you to move around that block quicker and play more aggressively. I feel like that's what a lot of people like to do; nobody likes to sit in the back of the map, at least I hope not, so being a more aggressive player with an automatic, tactical Sprint is definitely going to be a great option now.

What you also want to do here under the controller settings is You want to go over to Advanced, and you want to have your target aim assist obviously turned on if you guys are playing on controller, and for your aim assist type. I personally like to go ahead and keep this at default now. Black Ops is also going to be a fantastic aim assist type here in Modern for two reasons: It's going to have a little bit more of that sticky aim effect, but I am going to warn you guys: tend to go ahead and adjust these "aim sensitivity" type settings.

best settings

The course of the game's life cycle now at the beginning of the game Black Ops was incredibly overpowered; it was like having glue on the sticks; they went ahead and kind of nerfed it, it a little bit made it a little bit worse. So the last thing I want to have happen is to have to relearn how to aim and how to be accurate at longer ranges, so that's why I personally go ahead and keep my aim assist type settings at default.

Now, what you also want to do is: Under This setting tab is for the aim-assist response curve. Go ahead and keep this at standard. Running a 4-4 and a 0.75 on standard is going to be beautiful. It's going to be incredibly easy to track people at longer ranges, and again, you're not going to run into that situation where they change something down the line in a future update like they sometimes do.

You're still going to be good to go because you're running the default settings at least for the aim assist response curve type as well as the aim assist type, so you kind of have yourself secured, and that's what I like to do here. Multiplayer I don't have to take any chances on having to relearn anything now, and what you also want to go ahead and do is go to your input dead zones.

These are going to be very specific to what you have. A new or older style controller—now the older your controller, the more dead zone you're going to have to run to compensate for stick drip—so you're going to have to go ahead and adjust this on your own terms. I know I hate having to say that, but, literally, stick drift is going to be mitigated by your dead zone setting.

My controller is on the newer side, so it's not really that big of a deal to go ahead and adjust any of these. If I had an older controller, I would go ahead and adjust the dead zone, increasing it so there is more leeway and there is not as much stick play available. Definitely go ahead and adjust.

Best mw2 graphics settings season 2

Best mw2 graphics settings season 2

that now under the graphic settings, I have jumped right to view, and we're taking a look at field of view, which I have set at 120. Because they're playing on a higher FOV with that affected field of view and it looks like they have less visual recoil, you have to go ahead and make this change if you have not already. Because I make content, my settings are not going to be optimal for you guys because I have some settings enabled and some settings disabled to make my life easier and allow my PC to run smoother so I can record content and obviously play the game as optimally as possible, so now we're going to go over to the audio settings here.

Best mw2 audio settings season 2

Best mw2 audio settings season 2

This is going to be very important as well, and luckily this has as much leeway room as possible just like the sensitivity settings, depending on whether you're trying to truly improve your aim accuracy as well as your gun skill. Now for my audio mix, I have on headphones: Ace and Boost. This is going to work perfectly.

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I have an Astro A40 TRS that I've gotten. I honestly couldn't even tell you the last time I bought a new headset; it's probably been like seven years or so. That kind of shows you how quality these are, especially these. Xbox C controllers as well. Shameless. Plug, but, at the same time, a headphone-based booster is allowing you to hear a lot more gunfire as well as footsteps so you can pin down where enemies are without actually having the use of a UAV.

best settings modern warfare 2

Nothing go ahead and enable the settings it comes with for headphones or home theater by default, depending on what type of configurations you have. Make sure you guys have a headphone-based booster. You're going to absolutely love this, and you'll be able to hear honestly that there is too much of the game, which is never a bad thing.

Modern Warfare 2 - Best MW2 Settings Best MW2 Graphics Settings in MW2! Use these Best MW2 Controller Settings PS5XBOXPC to Improve Aim Accuracy in Modern Warfare 2! Hope you enjoy the video and make sure to have a wonderful rest of your day.
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