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Welcome back to a brand new article. Today we're jumping into my best controller settings for you guys to use on Modern Warfare 2. So let's hop in here and give you guys my controller settings that I happen to use to have such great accuracy. Good movement You know as much movement as you can possibly have on this game, so of course we play on the controller, and I do play on tactical flips.

And pretty much this means that my R2, my L2, pretty much all those triggers are on my L1. R1, R2, and L2 are all swapped, so that just means that, like I intend. I'll shoot and aim with my top triggers because I believe that's more beneficial. Because it's a smaller press in time, a lot of the triggers at the bottom look like you have to actually press in the full trigger in order to be able to get it to register.

So if you don't have a custom controller or anything that's got trigger stops on it. I definitely recommend switching over to the top triggers or the buttons more or less on the top in order to be able to actually shoot and aim; it will be faster than using the bottom triggers. My stick layout is actually just on default here, and my controller vibrations are on; it doesn't really matter if you have them on or off; it's not going to mess with you.


I've had it on pretty much ever since I started playing Cod, so it doesn't bother me in any capacity, so I just leave it there. My trigger effect is also off; you definitely want to make sure that's off. You do not need any of this haptic feedback or any of those shenanigans. If you have a PS5 controller that you're playing with, turn on haptic feedback; it's not necessary for COD; in fact, it's highly unnecessary.

Now getting down into my horizontal and vertical sticks. Sensitivity: I do play on a six-six sensitivity. I actually used to play on an eight eight, but I kind of bumped it down to an eight seven, then like a seven that I just kind of finally bumped down to a six six, and I ended up figuring out that this was really, really good because it gave me all the ability to look around me as fast as I needed to, but it also allowed me to be able to kind of have more of a precise aim and not miss as many shots because when your sensitivity is too high, those are missed.

best mw2 controller settings

Little movements can really be detrimental, and you can just lose your target just like that or just be slightly off target to the point where you lose gunfights, so try out 6 and 6 and see what you think by the 80s. Mount Sight's behavior is on hold; you don't want this to be on anything else. I don't think it should be on melee; I just always have this on that, and even down here, I have automatic tax on Sprint.

Mount activation adds melee. I'm going to interact, prioritize, or prioritize reloading one of these two here depending on how I'm feeling, but pretty much you want to switch over from tap to reload exclusively for multiplayer to one of these two if you're playing Warzone; it's up to you, but otherwise, um, tap to reload exclusively for multiplayer makes sense, armor plate behaviors supply all, and I think that's pretty standard.

Now getting in here to some of the advanced settings here on my target, aim assist is of course. You've got to make sure that's on; you don't ever want to mess with that and turn it off. I mean, some people say aim assist is cheating, but it's like, it's in the game; it's right here; it's in the settings, so use it.

best mw2 settings

I mean, controllers do need goal-based assistance. I definitely recommend trying out Black Ops but pretty much stay away from Precision or focusing and just either go for default or Black Ops, and that's the actual by the way; they also nerfed Black Ops at one point just because it was like almost too good, so that kind of shows that, you know, it's pretty sticky aim assist right there, after that third person, mine is just aim assist right there, my gyro behavior is off gravity.

Vector off, don't need any of this on there, just don't use any of that, and of course we're just going to pretty much go over the rest of those settings as that doesn't matter now onto the aiming side of things, my aim response curve type is dynamic. So I prefer to play on dynamic. The description here is reverse s-curve mapping for fine aim rate control linear, which is just going to be It maps directly to the stick rate or the aim rate, and I was running linear for a long time, but ever since I moved over to dynamic.

best settings modern warfare 2

I really do like that sort of S curve and how it does kind of slow stuff down a little bit so it makes it so you kind of get off target less easily because it ramps up how much it's going to take for you to kind of get off target towards the end when you start making those crazy movements. It keeps you on target more often than not.

It's kind of hard to explain, but I'd recommend if you guys tried a dynamic over a linear and especially a standard, you should be using either linear or dynamic, not standard, so kind of stay away from that. My ad sensitivity multiplier is just at 1.0, and I've just kind of left that right there as I don't think I need to change it at all.

best settings mw2

Um, ads tend to be transitional; the timing has got to be instant; you always want it to be instant; I presume I just have this on off. I don't think I need it. So this is going to be a little bit more personal preference. So this is what I was talking about earlier, that I was going to get into it so your left and right stick Dead Zone are both set at 0.15, and this has worked out fine for me.

I haven't adjusted my dead zones too much, but I know people who mess with their dead zones. Me doing anything that's because you have stick drift on your controller, so you have to increase your dead zone a little bit so you get less stick drift that's a huge thing, so if you have that means you have stick drift and just starts moving in game by itself that means you have stick drift and you need to increase your dead zone at a certain point, you may just have to get a new controller because stick, drip is not realistically, one of those things you kind of ever fix.

Apart from that, though, my left stick Max and right stick Max are just 0.99, and the left trigger and the right trigger I pretty much put this at zero just because I don't need any dead zones for my triggers because, as soon as I touch that thing. I like it to be able to, you know, interact or do something, so I just have that.


I mean, granted, it's only for, you know, some lethals and tacticals, but it's not like I need any dead zones right there, so I just recommend having them on your controller. The right stick is going to be 10 and is going to depend on your controller. Do you have stick drift? Is it brand new? You know if you've had it for a long time.

BEST CONTROLLER SETTINGS for MODERN WARFARE 2! Sensitivity, Deadzones, FOV | Chuck.
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