News - Best Warzone 2 Sniper For Season 3: Mcpr Vs Victus Vs Fjx Imperium

The parameters

The parameters

Right now, let's look at bullet velocity ads, time fire raids, and ammunition, And also provide you with a lowdown and a tuning screenshot. Let's first keep an eye on the most important stat, , Bulla velocity.

Base velocity & ads time

The base is actually the same throughout all the guns; they have a speed of 780 meters per second.

The bull velocity and the base ad time, though, are quite different. We have 600 on the MCPR, which is number two; the Victus has 625, which is the slowest; and the FJX and PM have 580, which is the fastest. That's a single attachment. Now putting on the explosive round, we're going to have minus 45 bull velocity, so we'll have to counter that with maximum velocity attachments, or putting on the Raptor's side, that's a whole different build, so we'll start with maximum velocity attachments at first, and then we put three attachments on the MCPR, and we end up with 687 meters per second velocity and 722, whereas the Victus XMR is only at 606.

Max velocity & ads time

Yes, absolutely dumpsters, and 725, Ads time, followed up by the fjx Imperium, which is 7-Eleven in velocity, so the best, but also 736, Ads time now. I don't want to dumpster the victors, but so far it's come out twice on the bottom, and If we actually look at the fire rate, it's only the 36 fire rate.

Fire rate

Fire rate

You might notice that the reconking speed is quite low, whereas the MCPR has a 41 and the FJX even has a 44 fire rate. That sounds minimal, but it's all about hitting these follow-up shots in case you missed your One-Shot headshot, and that is with the mcpr and the fjx easily to achieve with the victus might struggle if you're not taking the re-chamber vote, therefore not being able to take an ad time attachment.

You have 10 rounds on the MCPR, five on the victors, and five on the FJX. Now you can get 5 ammo from the MCPR to actually get a way better advertisement time, but hold on a minute. 10 bullets is great because what often happens is you take a sniper shot, then you reposition, take your sniper shot, reposition, and take a sniper shot, and between those repositions, with a five-round mag, you would have to reload as soon as you hit three or two bullets, whereas with the MCPR, you're a bit more agile and mobile about your repositioning simply because you don't have to reload you choose one shot two three you have seven bullets left even if you take five shots and reposition you.

You still don't have to reload, therefore making you an overall better player.

Optimal ads

Optimal ads

Agile player now, if I put five attachments on trying to go for maximum bullet velocity and then Min maxing with stocks and lasers for ad time, the Victus and the MCP are both at 651 And 649 Milliseconds, whereas the FJX Imperium is at 665 milliseconds. Ads time is slightly slower, while the bullet velocity is more or less the same on all three, which means the best velocity is 30 seconds faster on the FJX but slightly slower.

Slower advertisement time That being said, the victors are completely out, so right now the race is Ascension between the McPr and the FJX, whereas the McPr has of the 10 bonus bullets and the FJX only has the five bullets but a faster fire.

The raptor advantage

Now there's another thing I haven't mentioned yet, and that would be the Raptor sign.

1 shot sniper warzone 2

On the Raptor side is the scope where you can actually determine the bullet drum where you can hit the shift button and you can see how much it's going down. That is a very interesting thing to look at, especially for someone who's learning to shoot with explosive ammo. If you don't yet know how much the bullet drop is going to be, well, easy squeezy.

As it is, you just aim, press shift, and you know how much bullet drop you're going to have now. The downside of the Raptor scope is that it adds 40 milliseconds of ad time. If you know how much the bullet drops, do you really need maximum velocity? Yes, maximum velocity is still good on running targets, but leading is quite simple, and once you have the lead, you only need to know the drop, but you know the drop already, so you only need to figure out the lead for every single shot, and that's quite easy, and with that consideration, we could actually leave the barrel off.

The gun, and that means the scope, mcpr, and fjx, end up at a 608-meter drum. Youllet velocity, both of these guts, and time get tremendously better; the fjx Imperium drops down to 607 milliseconds, whereas the MCPR is still at 637. Here, we're using a bonus ad attachment that is not the magazine.

If we did the magazine, the MCPR would drop to below 600.

New ads times

New ads times

But, again i do believe that 10 rounds is really what makes the MCPR the king now, looking at the direct comparison. The gun. Imperium, would be considered better fjx because of the fire rate meter and time with a velocity of only having fgun bullets, so ade you're essentially dowbetter;hoose your poison if you wish to play a raptor build to hit your opponents, you can e637 milliseconds.

Scope to hit my shots harder, and here we're only going to look at the mcpr and the fjx because of the fire rate of the victus.

Quick sniper ads

Quick sniper ads

It's already out, and here's where it's actually crazy because we can replace the side and the ammunition on the MCPR together with the FSS OV laser, and you bring this down to the 608 bullet velocity because you're not using the barrel. I'm still rocking the nil sound silencer, but you get enough 510 milliseconds of ad time on the MCPR or the FJ's Imperium, and I was really surprised by this.

This can actually go down to 501 meters per second due to the rear grip being absolutely efficient on this gun, so 608 meters per second bullet velocity, a better fire rate, and a slight faster ad time than the actual MCPR. This has really blown me a little bit away. I wasn't aware that the FJX was actually performing that well statistic-wise, especially if you take the right attachments and tune them the right way, so quick sniper definitely.

When it comes down to long-range sniping, choose your poison or the McPr Raptor build.

Mcpr range & fast

best fjx imperium class

You need the explosive rounds to that for bull velocity and damage range, followed up by the muzzle with the nilsound, 90 on more ball velocity, and aim down side speed laser. The FSS all V with the aim down side speed and Sprint to fire aerial is not going to be taken, then the magazine stays.

We talked about it. We don't want to go down to the five. We're going to take the stock here, which is the Merc, and we can tune this for even more aiming stability and aim down side speed. Plus, last but not least, the actual Raptor, all the way back here, shooting this to its close and a non-side speed with the stock you have a bonus by any stability Your sway is not that bad; you just shift, you adjust your sight, and boom and boom, you hit that headshot at any distance.

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