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Victus mcpr imperium

Victus mcpr imperium

aka the intervention, the answer is going to come down to three sets that are far and away the most important: fire rate , bullet velocity, and aimed side speed.

Fire rate bullet velocity ads

I'm going to be going over all three of these sets and telling you which one is the best for each playstyle and giving you the best class setup for all three.

Let's start off with fire rate, where the Imperium will be the best at 44 rounds per minute compared to 41 on the MCPR and 36 on the Victus. This may not seem like much of a difference, but the intervention is actually going to be over 20 times faster than the Victus, which is very noticeable while you're using them.

The faster fire rate makes it more forgiving to use if you miss a shot and much more likely to be able to cap someone you knocked down with your sniper, and on top of this, the intervention actually has an attachment that will raise its fire rate to 50 rounds per minute, which is a huge 14 increase.


The MCPR is still solid here at 41, but the 50 rounds per minute is a big advantage, and for the bullet velocity, they're all going to have the same baseboard velocity of 708 meters per second, but after attachments, they're all going to be different some Max not bullet velocities can be more maxed out first you have to use the explosive ammo to be able to get the One-Shot headshots and that's gonna kill your pulled velocity on all of them down to 468.


Meters per second which is horrible and after the attachments the Imperium has 711, meters per second the mcpr will be at 687, and, the victus, at 640. Meters per second and these are all very rough for long range weapons where you want the bullet velocity to be at least a thousand meters per second and I'm gonna let you know you're going to be noticing this bullet drop off another thing that makes these more difficult to use is that you actually are not going to be able to track your sniper, bullet because with the explosive ammo it makes the bullet basically dissipate, in the air and you can't track it all the way to your target so.

It will take some adjusting to be able to start hitting consistent headshots at range, and these are definitely very difficult to use in comparison to Warzone 1 snipers because you have way more flinch and worse bullet velocity. Finally, we're going to be looking at the ad speed, where the intervention has the best bassing and downside speed, but the MCPR will have the best after attachment.

And that's going to be because of its huge advantage over the other two, where it actually has 10 bullets in its base magazine, whereas the other two only have five rounds. This gives the MCPR a MAG attachment for a five-round mag where the other two only have options to increase their magazine size, and the five-round mag attachment on the MCPR will give you far greater movement benefits than any grip laser or stock, making it have the best aim down side speed.

If we look at the base ads for the intervention in vectus, they're going to be at 580 milliseconds. And 625, respectively, and then the MCPR, after you put on the five-round magazine, is going to be at 533.

Victus is far&away the worst

Victus is far&away the worst

I believe it depends on what map you're playing Pharrell Mazda I think the intervention is the best because the Bold velocity fire rate and base optic having eight and a half times Zoom compared to the mcpr's, 5.6. Times zoom and of course the Bold velocity is still going to feel low on this weapon at 711, meters per second but it does feel a little bit better than the 687 at long range for the mcpr, but when we go over to ashika Island the mcpr is going to be better because the bullet velocity isn't as big of a deal here and then the faster aimed on sight speed will be a huge help in, slightly closer range sniper engagements and finally if you can't consistently hit your headshots with these snipers because the Bold velocity is so low then they aren't worth using over the signal 50 and yes it does take two chest shots or above to knock someone but it has 111.

best 1 shot sniper in warzone 2

Rounds per minute on the firing which is more than twice as fast as the intervention and almost three times as fast as the mcpr, it will also have better bullet velocity because we can use high velocity ammo instead of the explosive ammo making it much easier to hit your shots at long range and it's also going to have a faster aim down side speed than the intervention the signal 50 will actually be better for a large group of the player base but they won't use it because it can't One-Shot, headshot but I had to make the this article to push that point out to you so I can help you improve at War Zone 2.

This Fahrenheit 29-inch barrel, which is a funny fact, this other 29-inch barrel gives you the same amount of bullet velocity but it hurts your aiming speed far more than this Fahrenheit 29-inch barrel, so that's why we're using this one, and further tuning, we're going to go towards aim walking speed because on this one, the recoil is saying this doesn't matter because it's a bolt action rifle.

best 1 shot sniper in warzone 2 sniper meta

There's really not much recoil to contend with, so we're going to go all the way to ad speed because the damage range doesn't really matter; if you're going for a headshot, it's going to down them in any single range on the sniper, so get the ad speed. As good as possible, then for the tuning, we're going to be using the explosive ammo; this is what allows us to get the one-shot kills to the head, and then for the tuning, we're going to go towards bullet velocity all the way because once again, recoil does not matter; it's aiming out of stability.

best sniper in warzone 2

Recoil—that's what you would need to fix, and then for the left side. I'm actually not going to touch the left because the damage range and recoil smoothness neither matter; one of them matters. Next up, we're going to go with this weapon, the Lzr7mw Laser, because it gives us ads, speed, and aiming stability, two huge keys on a sniper rifle, and I don't tune this one because on the left side, sprint to fire speed, we're not really going to be trying to rush up with it, and a mocking sentence, we don't want to hurt the straight speed of this weapon, and then on the bottom, aiming stability ads, are both too important to hurt one of them to help the other, and the last attachment is one of the most important on this gun, the FJX blastball.

This says it gives us re-chambering speed, but what it does is give us six rounds per minute faster on the fire rate, which makes this weapon a lot more forgiving and one of the reasons it's really nice to use on Aomasra. Now we're going to go to the MCPR, which I prefer to use on a chica island, but it still works grounded on Monster with this build, so we're going to do the nail sound.

1 shot snipers are BACK! There are 3 of them with the Victus XMR, MCPR-300, and FJX Imperium.
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