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Just prior to the launch of season two, myself and a bunch of other creators had the chance to sit down in a call with Raven at Infinity Ward to talk about a handful of the changes in season 2, season 3, and beyond. You might recall that a couple days ago we went over the general overview of what came out of that, called the various confirmations, of things like plunder and gunfight and all sorts of other changes like that.

I did want to save some of the information for this article in particular, though, because it's all very important in the grand scheme of things. Ask any open questions. Infinity and Ward actually went out of their way to talk about the TTK; obviously, the Time to Kill here in War Zone 2 is a very controversial topic.

It was controversial back at the start of War Zone 1, and over time we saw it slow down quite a bit, which really opened up the meta in general. We went from having a very few specific set meta, weapons things like, you know, the Mac 10 the DMR the M16 the OG. Back in the day, in the Vanguard era, towards the end of the year, we had multiple guns from Modern Warfare, multiple guns from Cold War, and multiple guns from Vanguard all at the top of the metagame, which in a competitive and viable sense could use a lot of different options, which is fantastic.

The more diversity there is in the metagame, however, the better. Like I said, Infinity War did talk about their stance on TTK and basically addressed that they didn't confirm or deny any potential changes; we'll get into that. They also teased what could potentially be a major experiment. I say potentially it is going to be a major experiment with a big change that could potentially happen with the War Zone 2 meta that just so happens to be. Already, things are starting to develop here, at least based off the first few days of season 2 being out, but first, of course.

Devs respond to ttk concerns in warzone 2 gameplay

Devs respond to ttk concerns in warzone 2 gameplay

I want to talk about the TTK conversation, because, like I said, this is more than just addressing it and talking about it for the first time since Warzone 2 dropped, and not really saying this is going to change that's going to change.

Here's what Infinity Ward had to say basically when it comes to the ttk of the spot that it's at now: they feel like it's a good medium ground, but it's not something that is set in stone. It could evolve over time, but there are consequences to how you tweak the TTK. When you slow down the TTK, basically.

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Infinity Ward says that their data shows that it hurts a wider variety of players; essentially, it's going to have a larger impact on the more casual player base when you slow down the TTK. overall say every gun on average kills in 600 milliseconds if you were to slow that down to 850. Milliseconds, players who do not have as good of aim as decent players or competitive players are going to suffer more and, ultimately the majority of the Call of Duty player base is that casual audience who maybe aren't so great at the game so by slowing that ttk down and making each gun require more shots to kill they are aware that they would hurt more players than the decent amount of players the competitive players who are the player-based, minorities so that is their first initial concern with slowing down the ttk is that it could you know deter lesser skilled players from playing which is their main money maker that's the audience that they want to ideally.

Target suffers the most when it comes to, you know, their gameplay sales, the game sales store bundles, and stuff like that. However, TTK being too fast, as it is in certain cases this year, makes the game too fast. Twitchy is too much of a person; this person shot first, and there was no stopping them after that.

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There's very little skill and competition in a gunfight, so they have to try and find a nice balance and a nice medium now. They didn't say they were leaning towards moving it one way or the other. I highly doubt they would ever move it faster than what it is now, but we do have this newly found, quote-unquote, Issue I don't know if they'd view it as that.

I don't know if the developers would view it that way. With the ttk of certain weapons doing more damage to plated enemies, in turn, that does speed up the ttk of certain guns here and there, and they're essentially using that as a way to balance guns between War Zone 2 and MW2, but at the same time.

I think their main issue is the fact that they're trying to do universal weapon balancing; they're changing the cast off both for War Zone and multiplayer at the same time, and that's just not viable because of how differently the modes play. There needs to be warzone-specific tuning for the cast of 762 and multiplayer-specific tuning for the cast of 762.

That's a different conversation for a different day, though I digress, basically. Infinity Ward and Raven's stance on the TTK is that they are aware of how many people are asking for changes to it, but they have to consider their options in both directions: who's affected the most, and would it be better for what they're trying to make the game?

So I think it's very possible we're going to see TTK changes in the future, but I don't think it's going to be something that drastically happens, you know, all at once; it's going to be a slow rollout over time, if you will. So, I guess there's good news there if you like the TTK where it's at; it's probably not going to change a ton over the near future. Maybe bad news though if you're hoping to see this ttk slow down and have some weapons become a bit more competitive and gunfights require maybe a little bit more skill, we'll have to see as you know things change over time if anything here actually has a direct impact on the future of war zones ttk and gunfights.

Raven & infinity ward tease a major meta experiment & update

Raven & infinity ward tease a major meta experiment & update

The next part of the conversation actually has to do with snipers, in particular. With the ability to do a one-shot, snipers initially When we had this call, they went out of their way to say, "Yeah, we're not going to have any sniper changes here in season two because we want to see how gameplay feels with the three-plate vests across the board, and if sniping just takes a huge hit and players aren't using them anymore, then we'll have to look at the balance there and adjust things accordingly." They also mentioned that sometime down the road, as they sort of teased, they are going to feature a new mode for War Zone 2 that has One-Shot, and Snipers universally.

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