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Season 6 start intro

Season 6 start intro

I live stream every day at Kick.

Best season 6 controller settings

If I do melee with a circle and I lay down, I crouch, and if I snake with the right stick, realistically, on my controller, I lay down, go prone, and crouch. With clicking in the right stick, I may lay with a circle, which I actually use on my back right paddle as melee as well, so I'll take my finger off the right stick going down the line.

Here. I do not play with flipped bumpers and triggers; I shoot with L2 and R2, which I do have digital triggers on my controller, mouse click triggers, and I use my throwing knives and my tacticals and my lethals with my bumpers, which are also digital bumpers. I put on the exact same layout for DMZ and multiplayer.


And Warzone, and I don't play with a custom button lamp; I just stick the tag; my bumper ping is turned off; I play on the default stick layout; and my controller evaporation is turned off as well. For those of you guys that have controller vibration on. I think you should consider turning this off because it could mess with your aim or scare you when playing, and I realistically don't think it's needed for my sensitivity.

I play on 13 cents, with an ad sensitivity multiplier of 0.75. These are going to be critical; they are basically going to change per your controller, but my dead zones are Max on the left and right sticks, and then 0.00 on the left and right trigger controller orientations. At this point, all this gyro stuff I have turned off, so I'm not going to go over this; this all should be turned off.

Moving behaviors: I have Sprint tactical; Sprint behavior is going to be toggled; Auto move forward is off tactical; Supreme behavior is off ground and mantle; I have this on; it needs to be on automatic Airborne made until I have his partial automatic ground mantle off; slide and die behavior; this is a big, big setting.

To pay attention to this, it needs to be inverted if you want better movement. What exactly does this do? When it is inverted, it changes your slide and die behavior, so by default, you tap the slide and hold to dive, whether you're holding the circle or the right stick inverted. You hold the slide and tap the dot, so a lot of people ask me, right, how do you jump from rooftop to rooftop with so much momentum with the quick dies?

There's one way you do that, and that is to have this on inverted so you can press. Circle or press your right stick down to get the dive, and then you pull your shoot immediately after this, which is a lot easier done on. Now that we're doing the controller settings, let's jump on the board with our graphic settings.

Best season 6 graphic settings

Best season 6 graphic settings

So I do play on full screen, and you should as well always play on full screen; it's better performance and it's better for your PC. Play on a 27-inch 1440p monitor with a 240 hertz, so I play 240 hertz 1440p.

My display resolution is 40 with a 90 GPU, and the dynamic resolution I have is offset to 60. Aspect ratio While I'm halfway through this article. If you cap this to 120, you put this on custom. If I were to apply this FPS number right here, it would not go over 120 because your GPU wouldn't work any harder to process and your temps would stay cooler.

I stay on unlimited because my GPU temperatures stay very cool. My PC is set up and running very well, so I don't need to worry about this. I had this on minimal. You should also have this on minimal or off-display games. I have this on 2.2 brightness. I'm at 55, high dynamic range. I had this HDR set to off.

best warzone 2 settings

Let's jump aboard the quality tab. I'm on custom quality 100 render, res at 1440p, upscaling, and sharpening. I have this on Fertility FX Cast 51 anti-aliasing. I had this on filmic smaa, 2 t2x anti-aliasing. Quality: I have this on a normal article memory scale. I have this on a 90-ton texture with low resolution.

Off-weapon motion blur, World motion blur, death to the view all off film grain zero to get rid of that grainy, sharp look on your game. It looks horrible on our final tab. This is very important. Please pay attention to build if you add this set to 119. Why don't I play at 120? It causes you to lose more aim.

Could it be superstitious? Yeah, but I like playing at 119. This is a very important one ads field of view affected, put this on Independent put on affected and stick to effective because affected is just that much better trust me when I say that independent, is horrible and affected will make you feel like you have more aim assist and you can see more when you shoot for Less visual recoil another very big one needs to be paying attention weapon field of view this needs to be, wide why is that it makes the weapon look smaller therefore you can see more on your screen without your big gut bulky gun blocking your fov third person field of view 90 vehicle field of view same thing as weapon makes your car smaller so you can see more around you around your car another big one first person camera movement at least 50 third person camera movement leaves 50.

Why should this be at least 50? Because the less camera shake and movement, the more you can see and the more you can recoil, control, or do any of the above, you guys have motion sickness. Most definitely turn these all the way down because it will alleviate a ton of the weird motion and it will alleviate that motion sickness that you do get getting on board with their sound settings.

You get a lot of questions about sound settings.

Best season 6 audio settings

Best season 6 audio settings

I'll show you guys those quick. So I am on PC audio mix. I do put on 80 max volume, 80 volume dialogue, and volume zero. You're going to go to the loudest equalization, turn this on, make sure it's checked while you're there, click on it, go to settings, release time needs to be turned all the way down to short, okay, apply.

Best season 6 interface settings

Best season 6 interface settings

Best season 6 color settings

Both the world and the interface have 100 intensities. A lot of you guys are going to say, Right, do I really need to be at 100? It's up to you. This is what you're going to start on: 50. Scale default telemetry: I have it on custom, but I haven't shown my FPS counter, server latency packet loss, or GPU temperature, and then gameplay tips: tooltips off, skip introduction movie off in-game, alert icons if I'm lagging on hardware, and game alert icons if.

If your GPU temperatures are too high, this will warn you in reverse. I only use three paddles at the bottom: left I use for jump top, left I use four switch weapons or plate up, and then bottom right I use for melee. If you guys are interested in scuba controllers, just like me just like I use you can use code-rotted anchor trailers from Com for big time savings.

With that being said, those are the best settings in Warzone 2, brand new season six.

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