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Top 5 sniper supports in warzone 2

Top 5 sniper supports in warzone 2

The answers are weapons that are versatile and can be used effectively at close range and mid-range. That description makes us need to find weapons that perform a little bit like SMGs and a little bit like assault rifles, and luckily for you. I found the top 5 sniper sport weapons that fit that description.

5th best sniper support

and the fifth best cybersport is the vast Internet. We know it has SMG lockdown with a super fast 539 millisecond time to kill up close, making it the third-best SMG, and it also has great movement, but where it really shines is as a great cyber weapon. Check out how ridiculously easy my setup is to aim with while still maintaining its great movement; just check this out.

10 meters, no problem. 50 meters no problem, there's Only two reasons why this weapon isn't higher on the list are that it's only good up to 25 meters and its time to kill before it falls off to 1,000 and one milliseconds, or one second to put it simply, but since it doesn't lower again all the way up until 57 meters, it's outclassed.

Vaznev 9k best class setup

Vaznev 9k best class setup

But, for the tuning, what we do is we're going to go towards ads at a negative 0.32, and then we're going to go towards Sprint to fire speed at a negative 0.15. This is a fantastic combination of movement accuracy and time to kill for the sniper.

4th best sniper support

Support The fourth best cybersport is the mini-back; it has good movement and a good but not great time to kill up close at 552 milliseconds, but where it really separates itself from other submachine guns is that it has the best range, the best amateur magazine, and the fastest reload of all the SMGs, making it one of the easier to use weapons in the game.

And if you remember, the best of the 9K could only be used up to 25 meters, or 4 attachments, with a competitive time to kill, whereas the mini-bet can be used up to 31 and a half meters, making it the perfect sniper sport to use in trios and quads for people who want to be aggressive. This weapon is heavily coveted by the community as not only an SMG but also as a sniper support.

Minibak best class setup

Minibak best class setup

And if we look at the class setup, we're going to use the x10 razor comp just like on the last class setup for that accuracy, then we're going to use this Bach 9 279 millimeter barrel because this gives us the damage range once again and the bullet velocity, which is going to push us out to 34.5 meters where we can use this mini back very effectively for the tuning, what we're going to do is go towards recoil saying this at plus 0.37, and we're going to go towards ads speed of negative 0.14 so we get movement and accuracy with the tuning.

They're going to use the V laser because it gives us the most important mobility sets of aim and sprint to fire, and then it gives us a little bit of aiming stability, which helps with accuracy, and then we're going to use the Marquis R7 stock because it actually gives us better sprint speed as well as better aim down side speed, just making it a more mobile gun all around.

They want the tuning to be: we're going to go towards ads speed at a negative 1.42, and then we're going to go towards aiming stability at a plus 0.85; as you see with the tuning, we're going for accuracy. And mobility now we use the mini back grip mag because this is going to give us some more recoil control and make it really accurate so we can actually use it out to those 34.5 meters very easily.

3rd best sniper support

3rd best sniper support

I spent a lot of time researching these weapons for you and getting these class setups, so if you could please give this article 50 likes.

I'd really appreciate it if you'd subscribe if you want to keep up with the war zone. 2 meta The third best sniper sport is the rifle pistol. Rpk Yes you heard that right, and lmg is an elite sniper sport that almost never happens, but the rbk is just broken too. just like the miniback. I couldn't believe it when my friend loved Billy told me that the RPK was a great cyberweapon, and you won't believe me either until you actually try it.

Rpk best class setup

This class setup out, we're going to start with this essay leveler 55 muscle, which is just a recoil control once again, and then we're going to go to the tuning towards our recoil stabilization of plus 0.15, towards gun kick at plus 0.08, that's going to be our one attachment towards recoil the rest are to get this gun moving quickly, so we're going to use this cast.


10 584. Barrel This is movement speed and ad speed, and we're going to tune in some more towards those things: we're going to get ads at negative 0.1; we're going to go towards reclosing, saying this at point one; then we're going to use the FSSO. V laser; you saw this on an earlier class ad: speed and sprint to fire are the two most important movements that set up close as well as some idle stability.

Now we're going to use this pro-light TL3 stock, which gives a sprint speed aim. Walking speed Crouching increases movement speed, so we're actually going to have better sprinting and speed when we're running with this, as well as improving our ads. Once again, this gets the gun moving really quickly, and for the tuning, we're going to go negative 0.13 for the ad speed and negative 0.08 for the aim walking movement speed; that's our strafe speed, and that's also very important up close to mid-range.

Finally, we got the true tactic grip once again, which is sprint to fire speed and ads. Our sprint to fire time is actually going to be very competitive with SMGs, as well as our ads speed with these attachments we used, and we're going to tune in some more. I'm actually going to help out with the recoil a little bit because we still want to be accurate out to 60 meters.

That's when we add 0.16 to the recoil stiffness and 0.1 to the idle stability.

2nd best sniper support

2nd best sniper support

Please go try this with your favorite sniper; you're not going to regret it, and The second-best cybersport is the cast-off Sony for you; this is an assault rifle with submachine gun movement and an SMG TTK, up close at 552 milliseconds, equivalent to the mini-back that we put earlier on the list.

The only difference is that you're going to need to hit chest shots on this one to get that time to kill, and that's how they nerfed it a while ago, but what it has is a 21-meter range of getting that time to kill, and that's over double the range of most submachine guns while still having great movement and an accurate weapon, but you can only use it out to 35 and a half meters before the time to kill becomes atrocious, so the 74U is basically the mini back with more range but worse damage dramatic that means that the Rock the 74U in duos and rock the mini-back and quads.

Sniping! One of the most popular play styles in Warzone 2 but what are the best weapons to use with snipers! Ones that are versatile and be effective from close to mid range. Luckily I did research and found out what the TOP 5 Sniper Supports in Warzone 2.
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