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A new feature they've added to the map are these biometric scanners. In this article, we're going to take a look at how they work as well as what rewards you can earn from them. There are some pretty cool in-game rewards as well as permanent cosmetic rewards you can unlock by using them. Now these scanners don't show up on your mini map at all, but they do show up in the same locations for each game, as you can see from this map created by War Zone Teac Map.

Online, there is one of these scanners at pretty much all of the major points of interest on Rebirth Island, and like I said, they'll be in the same spot every game. You're only able to use one of these scanners per game, and that's any one of them on the map. You can only use one per game, and when you do, you're going to receive a key card from it, which you can use to redeem loot from the buy station.

Depending on the rarity of the car you get, it will determine which loot you'll receive, and from some of these high rarity cards, you get some really cool stuff, so from a bronze key card, you're going to get ammo cash armor plates and a piece of lethal and tactical equipment, which is from your favorite loadout.

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From a silver key card, you're going to get everything from the bronze key card, plus you're also going to get the perk package from your favorite loadout. From a gold key card, you're going to get everything from silver and bronze, plus a random plate carrier and a random field upgrade from a platinum key card.

You're going to get everything from gold, silver, and bronze, plus a random epic field upgrade and a random kill streak, from a polyatomic key card, which is the second highest rarity you can get. You're going to get five free items from the buy station, so whatever you want to buy, you can get it for free, and you're also going to get one classified weapon, which is a ram 7 that has eight attachments on it, and this thing absolutely shreds.

The highest-tier key card that you can get is the Orion key card, and for this, you're going to get 10 free items from the buy station, and you're going to get two classified weapons, which again are weapons that have eight attachments on them, so obviously it's luck-based which tier of card you will get, but you can increase your luck and chances of getting a higher-tier one by either having teammates right next to you when you use the scanner or by having used the scanner on multiple different IRL days.

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Using the scanner on different IRL days can also unlock permanent cosmetic rewards. This does not have to be days in a row; you just have to use the scanner on separate days, and you'll see how many days you're up to on the actual scanner itself when you use it. So for using a scanner on three unique days, you'll unlock the KN to hand calling card on day seven; you'll unlock a 1-hour double XP token on day 12; and you'll unlock a 1-hour double XP token.

On day 17, you'll unlock the encrypting animated emblem; on day 21, you'll unlock a loading screen that has yet to be discovered; and finally, on day 27, you'll unlock this universal camo, which is called Welcome to the Main Frame. So, like I said, you don't have to use the scanner 27 days in a row; you just have to use it on 27 different days, so you're not going to lose your progress if you miss a day.

free rebirth camo biometric scanner rewards warzone season 3

One other thing I wanted to talk about when it comes to the scanners is that within the season 3 blog post, it does state that there is a chance we may receive some information from them that is deemed most secret, and this could possibly tie into opening up the bunker within the headquarters building.

I do suspect that this might not start happening until the season 3 Reloaded update is at that bunker right now. There is a note saying access to the bunker is not a priority at this time anyway. That about wraps things up. I'll catch you in the next one. You take care of yourself and take it

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