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best mw2 mx9 class

Most people are out here using the Vasnev and the Lochman sub as their primary SMGs, and those are really, really good SMGs, don't get me wrong, but we need to start using the MX9 because this thing is broken. I know when I first started playing Modern Warfare 2, I looked at this weapon as kind of a weaker SMG, but maybe I was just trash when using it.

I'm not saying this is the best gun in the game or anything like that, or even the best SMG, but people have got to start using this thing. It's definitely a top-three SMG, so I built a class setup for you guys that has amazing mobility and no recoil. So for this MX9 class setup. I want to have a very fast-paced.

This does give you a boost to your sprint to fire speed and aim down sight speed. You do lose a little bit of recoil control with this attachment on, but don't worry, we're still going to be able to have almost a no-recoil build at the end of the day. Just go ahead and throw on this Bruin q900, grip for that extra handling and mobility, and we'll move on to the next attachment.

Okay, so our second attempt is It's actually pretty interesting because it's basically the same thing as our first attachment. We're going to be using the F-Tax C11 riser for our comb attachment, which gives you a booster fire, speed, and aim down sight speed just like that rear grip we put on before.

best mx9 class

We're gaining the exact same thing, but we might have a couple of different cons. I'm not too sure, and I really don't care about that. The main thing here is that you're just doubling up on that sprint to fire speed and aim down sight time to have a crazy amount of mobility, but we're not going to stop there because our next attachment will be the 7-megawatt laser, which gives you another boost to your aim down sight speed and sprints of fire speed while also giving you a little bit of extra aiming stability.

Once you have all three of these attachments on your LT, your MX-9 class is going to be absolutely insane when it comes to mobility and close-range gunfights. Definitely make sure you put on these first three attachments that I've shown you because it's just so fun to have this mobility on an MX9 setup, and even though the MX9 really doesn't have much recoil by default.

best mx9 class mw2

I definitely want to throw in at least one recoil-controlling attachment for our setup, so we're going to be. The Bruin HD cr56 stock is going to give us a boost to our aiming stability, recoil, control, and accuracy. After we put this on, we will have no recoil. Set up that close to mid-range, a log range is going to have just a tiny bit of recoil, but we're really not trying to get into those long-range gunfights, anyway, so you kind of can call this a no-recoil build as long as you're using it the correct way, which is aggressively and focusing on close to mid-range gunfights, and then our final attachment is the 32-round magazine.

There's not really too much to explain here by default; the MX-9 comes with 25 bullets, and I just don't think that's enough, especially when you're playing six versus six on some of these smaller maps. We have three attachments that we can tune, so let's go ahead and get straight into that, starting with our rear grip on the bottom slider.

best mx9 class setup

I move that to the left toward friends of fire speed at a negative 0.20, and on our left slider, I move that down toward aim-down sight speed at a negative 0.61. And then for our C11, Riser, I'm going to be taking the bottom slider to the left towards am-down sight speed at a negative 0.07, and then the left slider is going to be left at zero.

I don't really think it's important to tune anything over there because I feel like the balance is already pretty good, and then the final tuning that we have here is going to be for our stock attachment. I'm moving the bottom slider to the right towards aiming auto stability at 1.01, and our left slider is going to be moved down towards aiming down sight speed at negative 0.90, and that's going to be all the attachments and tuning for this mx9 class setup.

Definitely copy it down, and if you want to see some crazy gameplay with this build, then stick around because that's what I'm showing you next. Get this helicopter called in; unless I have a UAV that could be pretty helpful right now, where are they coming from? Let's just watch out for this guy; there we go.

best mx9 class setup mw2

I'm glad I moved; I probably would have died if I hadn't. The scavenger pack is here, which is perfect, and what about this guy? We have some ammo here, okay, and I found the other pack too; we're good; don't be hard skipping me; thank you. Alex; and more, he's in that corner; no one ever goes in that corner; I didn't really expect that.

I'm so glad that was mine and not the other team's. I can never get a scavenger pack, man. I just don't understand. I know you guys have the same problem; I'm not the only one. I'm dead, and you just don't know in this game anymore if they're going to spawn. Flip or spawn behind you, it's just a coin flip.

best mx9 mw2

I remember when I first played this game, the mx9 was one of the first weapons I leveled up with the camo grind, and I was like, "Yeah, yeah, this thing is trash," then I put on the vasnav, and I was like, "Yep, this gun's horrible," but now. I mean. I haven't used a sense, and now my perspectives have kind of changed pretty damn good. It's just got no recoil on it, and the game's about to end, so I'm not really sure what the hell kind of spawn is that; I'm not expecting an MGB or anything like that; I'm just getting a nice little streak to finish things off with.

I'll try to avoid the point, but I can't do anything about it if my team gets

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