News - The Most Broken Kastov 545 Class Warzone 2. Best Class Setup Cod Warzone 2

ak47 mw2

I honestly think honestly, so. I like the 762 a lot, but the 545 is just a lot more versatile; it just feels a lot better, and I'm going to go into the firing range now and show you guys how. This class actually is, so the ad for an AR is pretty nice. It's good; it's a solid class, all right. boom, bang, all right.

Let's go on to the actual class setup. So I got Sim shoot thermite, and then from the prick package we got double time scavenger, cold blooded bird's eye, and dead silence. Now the cons are kind of bad; you can lose aiming stability, walking speed, and damage range, but it ain't the worst when you go into tuning the ads you're going to put at 68; if you change it any higher or lower, it makes no difference at all.

I wish you could actually max it out and max out the attachments. I wish that's how it worked, but that's not how it works. The next attachment is the barrel, the igk3406 millimeter, which gives you bullet velocity, recoil control, damage range, and hip fire accuracy. This is good because this attachment is built for range, but it gives you a hit based on your accuracy in case someone comes up to you while you're trying to get those long shots.


You can just pop on them, turn and shoot, and don't even add yet, and you'll hit some of those shots. Now the cons are kind of bad as well. You lose some movement speed and some hip recoil control, but we're going to fix all that right here in the tuning. The tuning for the recoil stiffness is going to be at 0.35, and then for the ads, we're going to be at 22, and now the reason you don't want to put it any higher or lower for the ads is because it starts taking away a lot of the range and a lot of the damage, so somewhere around the 0.22 mark is the best because you get max damage and range while keeping the ads at the maximum you could get to that, so that's really nice.

The next attachment is the DXs, 90. Laser; you get a flashlight, which is also a con because it's visible to the enemies; you also get Sprint to Fire, which is amazing on this weapon; and then you get aiming stability. The stock is the F-Tack Elite stock; you might not have been able to see it. Maybe my face cam was coming; I'm not sure.

best class

This one gives you recoil control, which is good, and especially for those long shots, you want this attachment on it because it gives you added agility and Crouch movement speed. When you go into the tuning, the ads are going to put out 1.68. And then we're going to leave the targets for walking speed and idle stability exactly at zero.

You're not going to touch that one; you're going to leave it as is. The final attachment for the multiplayer class is going to be the rear grip, and that is the true tacking grip for Sprint to fire speed, and I think that's amazing. That's actually a really good attachment. Oh, my bad. That's actually a really good attachment.

It gets lower, the accuracy gets worse, but if you leave it at, like, point 10, the accuracy is actually at a decent level; it's closer, like it's leaning more towards accuracy, while the handling doesn't change at all. So leaving it at point 10 is actually a decent option now for the war zone class.

best class setup

There are going to be a few things you want to switch out here, so the first one is going to be the rear grip. You could take that off. You don't need spring to fire speed, and you don't need ads, and then I have this one locked, which is flinch resistance. You don't really need this either, and then this one right here for recoil control.

I got to get my RPK. If this were a drum magazine, I wouldn't put it on, but because it's just a regular magazine, it's actually a pretty decent one and a pretty decent option. Now, you lose a lot on this, okay, you lose movement speed. Reload quickness and sprint to fire are great, but if you're playing Warzone with this class, you're using it more for mid-to-long range, so if that's the case, you don't really need to worry about ads or sprint to fire or anything; you should already have a secondary weapon ready.

best kastov 545 class

For those ranges, you guys could choose an optic if you want, but if you're going to the firing range. I don't feel like it's useful in a war zone, at least for this gun. I don't feel like using it, so we're going to take that off, which opens up another space for an attachment, but we're going to get into that in a minute.

Instead of, like, focusing on ads, we're going to focus on the damage range for this attachment instead, and it still works out really well. Then, for the muzzle, we're not going to actually run this one right here. You've got sound suppression, bullet velocity, requested movements, and recoil control, which is really nice to have, but we don't really need all that.

There are a lot of negatives to this. Yeah, you lose damage range, you lose quite a bit of stuff, so I aim for stability as well, so when you're just aiming down sights, you lose that as well, you lose a lot, so instead what I would focus on is probably this one right here, which gives you damage range.


Blue velocity, sound suppression, and recoil smoothness You get a decent amount of stuff with this, and you only lose a little bit of aiming stability and ad speed, so this attachment is a lot better for Warzone, and that's the Echolus 80, and then in the tuning for this one. The recoil smoothness, as you guys can see, we're going to see what we can do here.

We could actually max it out as well. It looks like we'll leave it right here; it makes no difference except that the handling of the ads will be a little bit quicker if you leave it here. So at Point 92 for this one and then bullet velocity, you're aiming for stability, but we're actually going to focus on the bullet velocity a lot more than anything else, and leaving it right here seems like a perfect number, which is 0.60, towards the bullet velocity.

Now, like I said earlier, we have space for one more attachment, and you guys can choose between an underbarrel or ammunition. Now, honestly, I would say ammunition. It's all right. So if we're going to work on an underbarrel, then what you're going to want to work on is something that gives you recoil stabilization.


Because we have recoil control and we have recoil smoothness, you want stabilization, so it stabilizes that recoil and keeps it kind of centered, so the Commando 4 grip is actually a really good option, but when we got some different options as well, and as you guys can see, the Edge 47 grip actually gives a little more recoil stabilization.

One of these seems to be the best. The f-tac ripper 56 At least for my testing, this one's the best one if you don't have it; these two are great options, but this one right here is actually solid, and then for the actual tuning on this one. The recoil stabilization—look how fat this thing gets all right, like, just look how fat that gets.

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