News - Winning With Every Weapon #1 : The Taq-56 Returns. Warzone 2 Ranked Play


I've not played this game in about four days because I've been busy. Yeah, P3, okay, yeah. So P3 now, what happened here? Why was it me? I saw somebody on the hill. I checked the song right in, so now I'm just trying to play around the hill. I'm, essentially, just trying to watch around the hill.

I know that they're going to have that time, okay, but I just think it's impossible for me to break it by myself. Instead of pushing the hill, I'm just trying to wait for somebody to reinforce them, and I'm basically going to play for that kill. Hopefully, my team is going to help me on the inside now.

In theory, I was a good player, but it didn't quite execute the way I wanted it to. Again, I didn't really warm up, so my shot wasn't the best there, and there's just a few gun fights I wasn't prepared for, so we go through here. We're going to go to the left. I spot a guy on the right. We're going back to the left here.

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We've just given them a lot of time here now. I wish my teammates actually rotated with me because I was the only one on rotation, especially. Considering they had P2 set up it was quite unfortunate, that no one rotated with me so we're gonna go through here and, in this scenario you know we're just gonna try to make the best out of it try to get some scrap time but, of course we want to make sure we're playing for the spawns as well we don't want to give them too much time here so right now I'm spawning pretty close to the new Hill so we're gonna go through we take this guy out we make him one shot we actually managed to manage to get him through a nice Angle now instead of kind of rotating here to the new Hill I'm, gonna basically cut the old Hill while, supporting my teammates and rotating at the same time so I'm looking over I don't support anybody on the right hand side sort.

Of wait a second and now again I'm waiting for my teammate to kind of support me out on this decision on this rotation doesn't, know that's going to happen so I'm going to go to the left dolphin, dive across we spot one good jump shot to be able to take him out gonna dive across here now, you know there's somebody in the heel I'm going to slide to the left Chuck a stone grenade really fortunate.


I knew exactly where he was going to be. Just for map awareness, I thought right, somebody's probably going to be in that backcare glitch, but yeah, again, man, we're just not quite sure right now. We're just almost there. I thought we weren't in final form; we're kind of just like 65. Of the way there, but as the game goes on, we do start to improve our shot and awareness.

We go through, we take out one, we're going to go through here, and we're going to watch the back alley. Now, when the door shuts, make sure to utilize your stuns. I think I don't see a lot of people do Chuck a song on it to open a door. It's one of the most effective things I personally like to do.

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You're going to go in, and we're going to try to debate for my teammate. Wasn't sure exactly where they were going to be but I think that worked out okay I don't mind throwing, my life away as long as we can get the high point from it which is exactly what happened there so I went in with a knife essentially baiting, for my team he's able to go through get the kill and, now this is really important okay I'm looking at the mini map and I'm looking at the time remaining am I right this is a good opportunity for me to rotate so we're going to go through on the left-hand side if we spot one here as soon as we take you out we're gonna back off chocolate, span grenade now I'm gonna watch the right hand side see if he pushes me and, again just to go on for that I was I was prepared for but he just got the bear out of me honestly he absolutely fried me and there was a gunfire I should be winning I'll take nine out of 10 times unfortunately, this was the 10th time which I didn't lose it so we're gonna go through here you know we're making one we're gonna go through the other door we take him out turn around see, the second guy and.


That was just a bit of like a finesse bit of Lucky Play, to be honest with you, but it worked out really well. We support the third guy because we're one shot away. If you can't get any shots or just be a distraction, I'm going to go through really, really bad awareness for myself right there. It's really unfortunate as well to just be caught out in the open, but that was a good shot from him to peek out the window.

We go through 30 seconds left on the hill, my teammates get massive kills there, and four go down. I'm just going to watch over this hill with him for a second. I know somebody's on the hill, okay? So I'm not playing for the guy on the hill right away. I'm going to play on this little ledge here.

I'm letting my teammates go to the hill, and I'm going to watch the reinforcements. I tried to jump up there. I do know how to do that jump. I don't know why I messed up right there. I've actually learned that jump finally, but we go through. We get one. My teammate helps me out there. We go through again.

We don't have a trophy system in the Hills, so I'm just going to try to finesse. We jump around the corner as we're shooting the wall. We're able to take him out. We're going to snake here. Unfortunately, someone pushes through and takes me out, but again, such a mix here when we're just doing really well right now.

With 20 seconds left, it's time for the rotation; we've got a 45-second leader. 45-point lead here, which is fantastic, but the rotation is underway. My opponents are set up. How do we break this situation? Well, there's a few things we can do here, but for me personally, I'm going to go through the left in this scenario considering we're spawning closer to the left-hand side.

I'm going to go there. Wait for my team to help me out here, and hopefully we can push together now. That little spot there with the guy with the Enemy killed me from is probably one of the best spots on the map to kind of finesse, and snake over and you see right there they managed to take me out but my teammates were playing very aggressive there now I think this left side is really difficult to push through but if you could play as a team and pushery together you, might be good to go and I really like this playhead as we go through my teammates with me I hear the guy behind me and I always get the combat and I find that situation but, so close combat is really useful we go through trying to watch over my teammate trying to finesse we're waiting for my other teammates and yeah we just get pinched there so although, it was a good break there the fact that we got pinched there was because we basically, once.

In this video I am playing some more Hardpoint on Mercado and going over how to improve when playing Solo Queue in MW2 Ranked Play. I will be going over how I play situations and going through plays live with live commentary to see what I think in the moment.
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