News - Shotzzy's New Meta Smg Ranked Play Season 3. Vaznev 9k Class Setup & Tuning - Warzone 2


Build, is the best SMG to use inside of rank Play the full load. But first, let's get into the gameplay. We're absolutely friends, though, boys. We were absolute friends there. 71 for nine, we didn't do too bad, like okay, so now we're moving on to the build of the Bosnia 9k, SMG, which you can use inside of rank play.

Now I'm just going to be showing this build without tunings, as we all know Jin has no light inside of rank play, but I've also included the tunes if you do want to use this build specifically inside of multiplayer or just for fun. So the first attachment Moroccan on this fast-nav 9K is the broadside fct, and the stack attachment we're using on this past Nerf belt is the brim pendulum muzzle.

The third attachment on Shorty's fast enough 9K builds is the FSS Shark Fin 90 under barrel. The final touch of Moroccan on this build is now the true attack grip. If you do want to use this build outside of rank play and just for fun, I do recommend throwing on that 45-round mag as well. There's the final build-up bar near 9k SMG that is without the tunes, so let's move into the tunings now before the tune on the broadside fct.

class setup

We have our ad speed increased to -194, and our aim and release are at plus 1.08. For the tuning on the premium pendulum, you see we have our recoilization set at plus 9.28 and our gunk controlled at plus 0.15 on the FSS shark fin 90. We have our ad speed set to -134, our aiming Hospitality is plus 0.19, and finally, on the true tax rep, we have a recourse dinos increase of plus 0.48.

And our Sprint fire speeds are set to minus 0.20, so the parameter is the final build for a thousand f9k.

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