News - Scump's Meta "taq 56" For Ranked Play. Taq 56 Ranked Play Class Setup & Tuning - Warzone 2


There we go, first game of the stream, first MGB of the stream, let's get up, okay, let's try to get a call in now. Here we go, MGB. Love to see it Boys, call for a like on the stream if you haven't already. There we go. 65.7 drops Nayuk: I absolutely love to see it. Okay, so this is the attack 56 build that you want to be using inside of rank play, so I'll go over each attachment and tell you why I've chosen them.

You probably don't want to chain these attachments just for competitive integrity inside of rank play, but, at the end. I will also show the tuning just if you want to use this inside of pubs like I was doing or if you just want to have some fun down in those lower ranks. So the first attachment we are using on this Tack56 build is the 17.5-inch Tundra Pro Barrel.

This is just the best overall, as it helps us with damage range and bullet velocity. The second attachment for this rank-play attack 56 build is the ax tan ported 290, muzzle Nike, and this helps us with that vertical recoil control. The third attachment on this tank 56 AR build is the x10 Nexus grip overall.

class setup

This is probably one of the best under velocity rockings for 4 ranked play as it helps us with things like recoil stabilization and aim, and IELTS ability really will help you win those gun fights, and the only one as it takes down the 80s speed a little bit, the fourth automatic rocking on this type of sex build inside of rank play is the 5.56-inch high velocity rounds.

Now, this helps us with that bit of velocity, which will help you win those gunfights because the bill of velocity dictates High-speed bullets travel and hit the enemies, so you will make sure that you get those first bullets on the fifth and fan attachment on scum's tactics X build, which is the tactic brood stock, and again, overall, this is just the best stock to be rocking inside of rank play; it helps with that aim and stability and recoil control, so will really help them make this tactic D6 easy to use.

So that's the base attachments with no tuning, so if you do want to select the gas in rank play, this is what you're going to rock, but now let's move into the tunings on the tundra. Pro Barrels, we have our recoil spring set here to plus 0.26, just to make it a little bit easier to use and a little bit easier to control, and then we have the damage increased here to plus 0.19, just to make that ttk even quicker in terms of shooting on the muzzle.


You see, we have our recoil stabilization increase once more; it's now plus 0.39 to make this as easy to use as possible for you, and then we have a gunker control set plus 0.19, so you will see that by tuning this way, there will be a massive decrease in the visual recoil for the tuning on the x10 Nexus script.

You see, we actually have our aim down sight speed increased here to minus 0.34. Just to make the mobility on this a little bit better, it is an AR, so you do want to have that mobility increase somewhere, and then we have the amino civil except plus 0.15, so we're going to sway as much side to side, which in turn will help you win those gun fights.


For the tuning on the high velocity round, you see we have our damage range increased again plus 0.34, so the ttk is going to be even quicker, and then we have the bill of velocity center plus 4.94. So those builders will be traveling faster, making it easier to get those first shots on the enemies, which can prove very vital in this game, and, finally, for the tuning on the tactic brood stock, you see we have our EDS speed increased here to 1.29.

Just increase that mobility even more on this tack, and then we have our walking speed increased a tiny bit plus 0.23, not a whole lot because we don't want to lose out on that em allows ability too much, so there we have it, the final build for scum's TAC 56, classic. You want to be rocking this inside of rank play now.

As I said, if you are using this inside of rank play and want to stick to those GA roads in competitive integrity, you want to be rocking these attachments without the tunings. But if you want to have a little bit of fun, you definitely want to rock these tunings as this gun is op, so if you definitely want to rock these tunings as this gun is op so if you definitely want to be a little bit, so if you definitely want to be a little bit, but if you definitely want to be if you definitely want to go

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