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Turn it on, and let's hop into it first. G We're taking a look at here, which is going to be the Ram 7. This is a perfect resurgence assault rifle you can be super aggressive with, and I really like it. So our first attachment is the VT7 spear fire suppressor, basically keeping us off the radar and helping The recoil control bull flossing and damage range are all really great things here for this Ram 7 because it will take a little bit; you can really just make it an absolute laser beam.

Now up in here, we're going to throw in the XRK. Cor Mark 40 heavy barrel, giving us that gun kick control aiming idle sway recoil control bullet velocity and range, so this is just a barrel that's really going to make us just extend, way out, and it's going to make this more of a true assault rifle, which is ideally what we want.

Now we're going to go down here, stabilizing it out with the heavy support grip, just to help with that gun kick control, aiming idle sway, horizontal recoil, and, of course, firing aim stability. Just like I said, we stabilized the gun out, and this is just something we use on so many of our different guns, whether it be assault rifles, LMGs, or even, you know, the WSP Swarm as an SMG.

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We've run this on a variety of different things, and this is really good. I got to, of course, go down and throw on a magazine. I'm a 60-round mag kind of guy, so we are throwing on the 60-round drum, so in my opinion, the 60-round drum in my opinion is the only way you guys should ever run this gun.

That's just because 40 rounds is really not enough in any capacity, and 60—I mean, it's your primary assault rifle—so we're really trying to make it the maximum amount of ammo in comparison to the War Zone too. Magazines and stuff don't slow you down nearly as much, so it's not really something we even have to consider in terms of our movement speed and everything like that, so definitely only go for the 60-round, and lastly, we're going to go throw up the MK3, reflector, and you guys can always use the iron sights.


I'll show you how to use iron sites. If you don't want to run this specifically, I just kind of like running a red dot on this gun. It feels really nice that you guys can run the MK3, the Nar model 2023. It really doesn't matter what Red Dot site you throw on here; it's just entirely up to you, but if you do not want to run a Red Dot site, go down here, throw on a rear grip, and pretty much all you're going to do is throw on the retort 90 grip tape, and that's going to be your full build right there, so this is an absolute banger.

Definitely try this one out. Next up, we're taking a look here at the SVA, 545. So this is an underrated assault rifle that's actually really good. I see hardly anybody using it, so the first attachment, much like the RAM 7, is the VT7. The spe fire suppressor, like I said, keeps us off the radar and helps.

The recoil bullet velocity and damage range are all good stuff. Next up, we're going to go through the SC V Precision. Barrel so this is the largest Barrel we have access to which is ideally what we want it's an assault rifle trying to extend out that range as far as possible so it's just going to help us do that it's going to help us be better at longer ranges which is what we want now this is a bit of an interesting one I did some research and I found out that the, 5.45.


Highgrain rounds for this gun actually do really well in terms of extending out its actual damage range and just really making your shots hit a lot harder, so definitely give this a try because this is actually really solid though you don't have to run it with the high grain rounds, this is kind of giving me back to some of those vibes with war zone 2 where we're throwing on a lot of the different ammunition types to kind of bolster our overall, lethality of the weapons so definitely try this out you do not have to you can switch it out for like an under Barrel throwing like the Bruin heavy support grip and be perfectly fine right there not the Jack purifier but you guys get I'm saying the Bruin heavy support, now going to go down here and throw on the 60 round mag 60 mag.

cod 3

I mean, 60-round mag kind of guy, of course this is the biggest one we got, so 45 and 60 are pretty much our only choices here realistically, and 60 is just the way to go, then lastly, we're going to go throw on the Coro Eagle Eye, 2.5x. Site, so this is pretty much the meta. Optic for this game, whether you're playing Resurgence or playing Big Map BR doesn't really matter; throwing on the Coro Eagle Eyes is basically what we do if you don't want to do something like that.

I've actually run with great success the SE recharge, which is pretty much my other go-to site for an assault rifle, so between the SE and the Eagle Ey, you really can't go wrong, and this is my full build right here. Definitely give this one a try; it's actually really, really solid. Next up, we're taking a look here at the DG 56 58.

Whatever you want to call it, basically the three-round burst assault rifle, this is an assault rifle that doesn't get used as much right now because they tried to nerf it a little bit, but it is truly an assault rifle that's actually really solid, and I highly suggest you use it with the Spirit Fire suppressor as per usual.

cod 3 best loadout

We're going to go throw on the DG5617 barrel. And the reason I've called this the 6 to 58 is because they even used to be called the DG 52 upon the release of the game. They've altered the name of this thing at least three times; it's kind of ridiculous. I'm not sure if they're running into legal issues over there at Activision, but it's changed a few times, but this is just the largest bail right here: expanding out our range, making it easier to be a to control, basically making you more able to hit your shots, which is really sick.

I'm going to go down here and throw on the 40-round mag, but I will say that what it's is a three-round burst, so the 40-round is something you can get away with. Though you can throw on the 60, especially if you're playing quads and you want a little bit more ammo in your mag, that will actually work out really nicely as well, but just because it's a three-round burst, you have the luxury of choosing between the 40 and the 60.

Today I go over the warzone 3 top 5 meta loadouts top 5 best loadouts in warzone 3 to use. These are the warzone meta loadouts that will help you improve and drop more kills per game.
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