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This is the top five best meta loadouts in War Zone 3. I wanted to give you guys classes that are incredibly easy to use and that do the most damage, based on my experience. These are the ones, so I'm going to start out with the WASP 9. This SMG has been phenomenal, and with the buff recently in War Zone 3, this thing is honestly the best SMG in the game.

Now, before you guys say anything, let me show you the attachments and explain. So we're going to start out with the Zone 35 compensated flash hider. It shortens the radar ping and increases the vertical recoil control and horizontal recoil control in fire games, but at the cost of some bullet velocity and aim-down sight speed.

Now this thing has insane bullet velocity. And with everything else we're going to have on there, none of these cons are really going to matter. Next, we're going to put on the WASP Reckless 90-long barrel. Now here's the thing you can choose to use: the WASP optic long barrel. Some people choose to use that, but I just don't think it's worth it because it already has good bullet velocity and damage range.

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Some other people have tried to use a short light. Barrel, if you guys just want more aim-down sight speed, I mean, I don't really know about that. I feel like the bull of velian range increase is good enough with just a slight decrease in sprint of fire speed, but if you do want to use it, it's also completely up to you; they'll both be beneficial in their own way.

This just gives it slightly more range. I throw on the WASP Factory stock for aim downside speed, movement speed, and sprint to fire speed at the cost of some recoil control, gun kick control, and aiming idle sway. Now, the reason I chose this is because previously. I thought that having to control recoil on this gun was going to be way more difficult, but with just one attachment to control it, it was way easier than I actually thought.

That's why this is really, completely fine; it helps with the aim, downside speed, and movement speed, and you don't really lose much. model 2023, It is completely my preference. You can use anything else that you want to, but I feel like this is actually very easy to zero in on the enemy. In fact, I would say that this is the best overall site for this particular gun just because of how it functions and how bouncy it usually is.

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This just makes it so there's the least amount of recoil possible. Last but not least, whether you're playing solos or quads, you can rotate between a 40 and 50-round mag. Now, I mean, I keep 50 on overall, but 40 really does give you more movement, aim down, and reload quickness, so like I said, you just have to really weigh your options.

These two choices, though, are both optimal. I haven't really had an issue using 50; I'm just showing you guys how amazing this is. It doesn't take much effort to use them all. As you guys see, the recoil is so small that even long range isn't bad. Now I have to show you guys the amazing, long-range MTZ.

762 this weapon is absolutely busted, and in my opinion, it's still the best. In my opinion, it's still the best long-range weapon on the VT7, especially the Spe Fire Suppressor L for being undetectable by the radar recoil control bullet velocity and damage range at the cost of aim-down sight speed and aim walking.


Stus is sprint to fire speed now I put on the MTZ Precision black throwing barrel for bullet velocity and range aiming out swing firing aim stability at the cost of a fire attack stand sprint and a walking speed. I do use I do see some people using the MTZ, clinch Pro Barrel, to control the recoil a little bit more.

I felt like it didn't really make that much of a difference, but if you want to throw it on there, be my guess. I just think that this is the better choice, especially considering you're not really going to hit firing this gun next, throwing the broom pivot vertical grip for gun control vertical recoil, aiming out swing firing aim stability at the cost of horizontal recoil aim down sight speed, and sprinting to fire speed 30 round mag.


Just because you can't use anything else, I wish they had the 40 option, but until they have the 40 option, we just have to rock with 30. Trust me, you'll be able to reload quickly, so even if you go through these bullets, which takes a minute anyway, you'll be able to reload just as fast. Last but not least, I use a Coro Eagle Eye 2.5 times.

If you have something better, feel free to use anything better. But I like this. I feel like it gets the job done very easily. Just show you guys that this thing is very. I don't think that any weapon really hits like it; it's just an absolute tank of a weapon at literally any range, so this is something you definitely have to give a chance to.

If you have not tried this gun out in the war zone yet, then you're missing out. You're most likely losing to this gun a lot more than you think. This is honestly one of the best battle rifles in the game. I would say it's one of the best long-range weapons in the game, and it's just absolutely amazing, so please give it a try.

The BP50 is an absolute monster of a hybrid weapon. It's amazing at close range, long range, and medium range. It's literally the best weapon in every range I can possibly think of. I actually love using this in solos because, at any range, I'm winning the gunfight, so throw on the VT7, spe fire suppressor, for being undetectable.

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Radar recoil control bullet velocity and damage range at the cost of aim down side speed, walking speed, and sprint to fire speed, then I threw the low, heavy long barrel for bullet velocity and range gun KY control recoil control and firing aim stability at the cost of hit-fire attack stand. spread -aim for walking speed Sprint to fire speed and sprint speed for this gun I like the Brun heavy support grip for gun kick control, aiming out way horizontal recoil, and firing aim stability at the cost of aide speed vertical recoil.

I also thrw on the moop 40 stock for gun kick control, downside speed, aim walking speed, and recoil control at the cost of firing aim stability. Sprint to fire speed, sprint speed, and movement speed. The last thing for this is that they're on the 45-round mag; you don't want to have 20 just because this isn't multiplayer.


This is a war zone, so just please keep that in mind if you want to keep the 45. Despite all the Nerfs and movement and everything like that, you guys see this thing still moves incredibly well, and it has no recoil, like it's so ridiculous. How good is this thing? It has no recoil, and it's an absolute tank of a weapon.

TOP 5 BEST META Loadouts in Warzone 3 Season 2! Warzone 3 Best Loadouts.
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