News - Warzone: The New Meta Update. Best Weapons After Update

Warzone new meta update explained

Warzone new meta update explained

Ladies and gentlemen.

New meta update overview after latest warzone patch notes

So based on our preliminary rankings of the war zone meta and going through these stats and how weapons behave, this is how things currently shake out pre-update, but of course this update does go through and change a lot, so I've got my notes over here with the various descriptions of what the patch notes included, and now we can adjust things as needed.

So right away, the DG 56 got a close range Nerf that basically limits its ability to two shot burst or two burst kill, which is the better way to put it, and with that, this is still going to be a great long range option, but its versatility is what made it an absolute meta choice. You could use this at 10 m and two bursts, or you could use it at 50 m or 80 m and still be super effective.

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Now it's just meant for the mid- to long range, so it's still a great choice, but tough to deem it absolute meta. To me, it's just one of those top-tier, fantastic rifle choices now, similar to what the F556 got. Basically the same Nerf; its close range is now worse than before, still super accurate and really effective over the long range, but lacking some versatility.

There is going to be more of a top-tier choice as well, and now the bass B, arguably the best gun in the game, did see Nerfs to both its close range and its long range. Effectiveness: the damage was nerfed there in general, but it wasn't nearly as significant as the DGs, the F FRS, or some of the other options on the list here.

It's just slightly worse than before, but it's still going to be a great battle rifle, arguably. It's the most consistent mid- to long-range gun in the game, with some decent close-range capabilities as well, so for that reason, it's not broken anymore, but it's probably considered absolute meta in the eyes of most players.

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A little bit more recoil than some other choices, but not something you can't counter with certain attachments, is still going to be really great. It's just not going to instakill you now. We actually saw a lot of adjustments to some pistols here. The core 45 a Kimbo honestly probably could have been considered more had over her top tier but they severely, nerfed the akimbo close- range damage so definitely makes the core more mediocre now and they did the same thing to the retti as well I mean the retti now with the conversion kit maybe you could deem that a bit more competitive, but still then its mobility is lacking compared to some SMGs, and it's going to, you know, definitely fall victim to getting outguned by a lot of those whether they're top tier or competitive, so the akimbo options between the core and the retti.

best weapons

Hard Nerfs, their close range is not going to be nearly as broken as it was before, so those are pretty significant changes now in the DM 56. Honestly to some players probably could have been considered borderline, absolute meta it was really good before this update, however they did go through and Nerf the close and the long range damage so whether you're using it as like an aggressive secondary or one of the better you know mid to long range options it's going to be slightly worse now that said it still has a serious upside if you're incredibly accurate so I think for now this one still sits borderline top tier it's definitely closer to being competitive now than it is absolute meta though post update so that's one we got to keep an eye on for sure now the KVD enforcer probably was one of the lacking, marksman rifles before this update still really good but in comparison to the rest of the category may be a little bit lacking it's headshot multiplier did see a Nerf it's definitely more you know borderline mediocre competitive right now than it was before so that's going to be slightly worse there you're not going to have the ability to get those crazy headshot multiplier kills where it just feels like you absolutely, instad delete somebody and then this is an important one the MTZ.

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Interceptor obviously the most broken gun in the game before the update, all they did was Nerf the headshot multiplier, but what it did is essentially require you to now hit at least one more head shot and/or more body shots, upper body shots if you want anywhere between like a three and a five shot kill if you're trying to get the fastest ttk with this thing now you need at least one more head shot, which is pretty drastic three head shot in one gunfight.

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Is pretty rare, even for the best of the best players, let alone with a semi-auto. Guns like interceptors, so it does balance it out some and really just creates a higher skill. Gap with this, really. Really good players. Laser Acura players are still going to be able to get very fast kills with this, but most players are going to struggle a little bit more, and for me, that is something that brings this down more into the top-tier category than being absolute meta, just because for long range now there are other options that are going to stand out a little bit more, like, for instance, the bass, the Bruin, or the peum yacht, which were not updated or adjusted there.

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Also, it was separated from the other ones, but the tier got an akimbo Nerf as well, but you're still only going to be using that akimbo, so Niche, just like the Basilisk, nothing really changes with that. This is another pretty drastic one, the Haymaker, the best shotgun in the game by far. The two-shot kill-up close got a rough, rough Nerf; it's close range got kind of murdered here, so definitely dropping down more into the competitive category with the Lockwood.


Probably borderline here at this point, but you can spam it so that skill gap's a little bit less there, similar to the broadside in terms of overall effectiveness now. I would say, and then also the fenick ended up getting a close-range Nerf, a head shot multiplier Nerf, and a lower torso multiplier Nerf, still going to be good for an SMG but definitely a bit more limited.

It really stood out before this update; maybe it's like the best SMG now, though it's much more bunched in there with some of the other choices like the MP5, the ISO, even like the strikers, and whatnot there, so just balancing that out some now, those were all the changes that took place in the patch notes.

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