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huge season 3 update broke

There's a saying that goes along the lines of wish you could know you were in the good old days, good old times, and good old experiences before. We are having this right now as a War Zone Mobile Community because the game is in such a bad state—literally the worst state I've ever seen the game in.

Even pre-release in beta days wasn't this bad, to be honest. Gamebreaking bugs are literally game-breaking bugs that basically make the game unplayable, and you obviously can't enjoy the game. You know we're having a lot more bots right now. I don't know what they did; a lot more Bots people are just losing interest in the game, even way more interest than when they delayed the game multiple times for over a year.

They're losing a lot of interest, but to them, we're here to show you two game plays, one on March 18th, which was pre-release, pre-global release, and the other on March 25th, after global release, before the season 3 update, and you're going to see the difference. I was able to use different weapons; literally, the article is just me using them.

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Totally different weapons—you know what I'm saying—enjoying the game, enjoying the weapons, you know, vibing. Did I know it would be the last? For a few days or a few weeks, I don't even know when they're going to fix this because the load-out gun-to-it section is glitched and every weapon is locked, not just device-specific.

Not specific to anyone, this is literally the majority of the community that's having this issue, and it has been happening since the season 3 update, which was a few days ago, and I don't know why they haven't fixed it yet. Simple hot fix I would assume it was a simple hotfix, but that's not happening.

A lot more frame drops—literally, an insane amount of frame drops on every single device. I'm telling you that even on high-end devices, my M2 iPad Pro Fram drops. Microstutters are insane, touch latency is crazy, and screens lock up. All the old bugs that we were getting, we literally had them plus taxes in this new update, so yeah.

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Journey With Me Down the Nostalgia Lane When the game was actually playable and enjoyable to some extent, you know, I'd take the button bug when I tried to play it up on my entire screen. Just my button will stop working. I'll take that bug any day over what we get now because back then at least we would have food play lobbies, you know, full play lobbies, and a lot more replayers.

Now it's all filled with bots because people are just losing interest in the game, to be honest, and I can't blame them. You know, it is what it is, but I hope you guys enjoy the game play—you know, a little trip-down memory—and, of course, be sure to leave a like. And subscribe we still have the subscription going on; we only have 183 days remaining.

Let us hit that, Mark. I hope you guys enjoy the game. As I said, give yourself a wonderful rest of the day, take care of yourself, and take care of your family. enemy dropping into

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