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My name's Hypnos, and welcome to a brand new MWZ. In this article, I'll be showing you all how to complete the act for Story Mission Bad Signal as a solo player. We all know that the season 1 update was definitely not very solo-friendly, and I know a lot of you guys have been struggling with the giant worm boss fight.

At the end of this article, I'll show you guys how to easily complete the mission as a solo player. Before we begin, I quickly want to thank u4gm for sponsoring the article. U4gm is a professional Call of Duty boosting service, and they'll help you unlock all the rare schematics and the new classified schematics; they'll even go in and help you unlock the Borealis and Camo.

So before we begin, there are a few items. I recommend bringing in an additional tool, either rare or better, so your weapon deals more damage and you can complete the boss fight a bit quicker. Two Aium crystals will help speed things up by allowing you to get through the first and second Pack-a-Punch right away when you load in a few perks.

act 4 solo

I'd recommend bringing in stamina-boosting speed cola. Deadshot, Dairi, and Juggernaut. Bring in a high-power weapon that has a decent amount of ammo. I opted for the Hogar 556 assault rifle, but take whichever you prefer now. For your second weapon, you could either bring in a crossbow with thermite bow tips or the RGL, like I did.

You'll see why this is important later on in this guide. Decoy grenades are a must-have, and even though they got slightly nerfed, they're definitely still the best tactical weapons you can bring in terms of lethal weapons. You could bring throwing knives, but I usually prefer seex as they'll allow you to take out large groups of zombies with one throw for your field upgrade.

I'd recommend using Aether Shroud so you can go invisible if you get crowded by zombies, and you can safely run away once you've got everything. It's time to infiltrate. All right, so once you arrive in Urzikstan, it's time to make some money. I'd recommend just rushing through the delivery of cargo missions in the Tier 2 Zone.

how to beat act 4 solo

Our objective here is to get our main weapon to Pack-A-Punch Tier 3 and our RGL to Pack-Punch Tier 1. If you have ethereum crystals, this will, of course, make this part a lot quicker. If you don't have any crystals, you'll need to earn a total of 35, 000 Essence or 12 Tier 2 contracts to get your we weapon to Pack-A-Punch Tier 3 and your rgl to Pack-A-Punch Tier 1.

I'd also recommend having a self-revive equipped and bringing along one or two extras with you, which you might find while completing the contract. If you want to spend some extra time here before going in, you could also buy two or three sentry guns, but it's definitely not necessary; it'll only speed things up a tiny bit once you've got your weapon to Pack-A-Punch Tier 3 and your rgl to Pack-A-Punch Tier 1.

It's time to make our way back to the bad signal mission location on the map. You'll find it right outside the Tier 3 Zone, as shown on screen. Walk up to the triangular portal here and hold the interact button. Open up your map and hold y on Xbox or triangle on Playstation to accept the mission, and it will teleport you to the dark ether after a few seconds.

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Once you arrive in the mission area, you'll have four obelisks that you need to go to. You'll have to walk up to each of them, interact with them, and kill a bunch of zombies to essentially feed the obelisk. Be aware that you will have multiple zombies coming your way here, including HVT, so just be sure to take advantage of decoy grenades and use your sxes to take out large groups of them at a time.

Make sure that all the zombies you kill are close to the artifact to continue progressing. You shouldn't have too much difficulty during this part of the mission because you can always pop the Aether Shroud and take advantage of all the Ammo Depots on the map, so you pretty much have unlimited access to decoy grenades.

Just be as careful as possible, and keep in mind that there's nothing wrong with running out of the area to quickly regenerate your health or to put a few plates on. Just don't take too long because there is a timer for this part, and killing the giant worm will take a fair amount of time after completing the fourth and final Obelisk.

modern warfare 3 zombies act 4

It's time for the boss fight. Make your way over to this rift right here, which will shoot you up into the air, and parachute over to the marked location. Just keep hovering over it, and the worm boss will spawn. Fide towards the road right here and locate the zip to your north. This will allow you to get up to the catwalk as shown on screen.

Now that you're up here, it's time to start shooting at the giant worm. You'll notice these glowing purple spots on the worm, which are the critical hit spots, so try your best to shoot at them while you're up here. The worm cannot shoot its laser at you; it can't grab you, and those annoying orbs it spits out won't attack you.

You will, however, have a few zombies that run up on you from the left side, but that's no issue at all. Just turn and fire at them, and they'll even drop some ammo and plates, which is awesome. You'll notice that the worm boss sometimes dips underground for a bit. That's when you take out the rifle or your thermite-tip crossbow and shoot at the beach.

modern warfare 3 zombies act 4 guide

The explosion or burning effect will cause the worm to come back up, and then you can just keep shooting at it now. If you do happen to run out of ammo, just jump down. There's an ammo deep AR right there on the bridge, so go ahead and hit that to get all the ammo back, and then run back up to the road, take the zip, and keep fighting him from the catwalk.

If the worm boss manages to pick you up while you're going for ammo, just keep shooting and spam your parachute button, which is a on Xbox or X on Playstation by default. What happens is that the worm boss spits you out, and usually you get downed by the fall damage. But if you spam the parachute button, you'll open up your parachute when he spits you out, and you'll be completely safe in case some of the orbs glitch on the catwalk a bit.

modern warfare 3 zombies act 4 solo

Just look around and fire at them. This should only happen once or twice during the boss fight at most. Guys, that's how I completed the worm boss fight as a solo player and successfully completed the Bad Signal Act 4 Story Mission. I'll keep some of the gameplay footage right here so you guys can actually see me finishing off the boss.

But anyway, I hope you guys have a wonderful day or night, wherever in the world you are, and as always.

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