News - Warzone 2 Zombies 115 Easter Egg Song Guide. Warzone 2 Zombies 115 Instrumental Song Easter Egg


In the new Modern Warfare 3: Zombie Dark Eternity Rift Story Mission Countermeasures, near the end, you can actually activate the instrumental of the classic Zombies Easter Egg Song 115. From Keno the Toten, there are three orange Element 115 rocks that you were able to discover. You can hear the indicator noise very loudly when you are near them, and they have big indicators on screen to activate them.

I doubt this means anything in terms of the story line because Element 115 no longer exists, but it's just a really cool reference. It's such a classic Easter Egg song, and it's unfortunate we've gotten no Easter Egg songs lately, and we only had two in Cold War zombies, so hopefully with C 2024 zombies Kevin Showard comes back with

MW3 Zombies 115 Easter Egg Song Guide! Modern Warfare 3 Zombies 115 Instrumental Song Easter Egg.
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