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We are giving you the top five best SMGs for war zone two. It has a decent fire rate and a very good range. very good recoil control and very easy to use also has a decent amount of ammo, and I think that this build is the best with the tuning, so put on the X10RR40. And I tuned it to max out the bullet velocity and increase the recoil smoothness by 0.86 ounces.

This helps with the sound suppression, but the velocity damage range and reclose movements come at the cost of aim-down sight speed aiming and stability, and that's not a big deal. Move on to the 508 millimeter rear guard maximum, out of the damage range, and increase the recoil status by 0.19 pounds.

It's helped the damage range, hip fire accuracy, and bullet velocity at the cost of aim downside speed and hip recoil control. Put on the VLK laser (7 mW). This helps with aim speed, aim stability, and smart firing speed. Like I said, it's just an overall very amazing weapon to use. not the best in any of his really respected works.

In my opinion, you should probably stop somewhere around the 20s region, and that'll be pretty decent now.

45 round mag

45 round mag

The other downside is that this only has 30 bullets and you can put it on a 45-round magazine, and that'll be completely fine, but you're not going to get a super amount of mobility, so this build is not a mobility build. This is pretty much the build until you get to the other three weapons.

Labs 44v3 then, last but not least, we can give you either a stock or rear grip. I don't really suggest using anything else, so if you're going to use a stock, I would suggest using the Op Rosat stock just to help out with the mobility a little bit. If you don't want to use that, you can use the F-TAC Elite stock just for more recoil control, but I think it already has decent recoil, so we'll put this on there.

best loadouts

Increase the aiming auto-stability setting just to balance it out somewhere, around 1.5. If you want to have your aim while walking stay in this range, you can increase that, but I just don't really think it's necessary. This is the number-four weapon still, a pretty decent weapon to use. Super long range is not really ideal because it doesn't actually bounce too much, but number three is moving on to the mini box, and this weapon is actually incredible.

So, this has 64 bullets just in its base form. The magazine that you can actually put on is not really worth having because it already has low recoil, and this build is very solid for taking on multiple enemies at once, so I put on the X10 RR40, maxed out the beloved velocity, and increased the recoil movement, so I have 45 ounces of this.

This helps with sound suppression, bullet velocity, damage range, and recoil smoothness, but at the cost of aimdown speed and aiming stability. Now we moved on to the bach 9 279 millimeter barrel for the barrel, and we maxed out the damage range and the aim walking speed. We don't max out the recoil steadiness just because this is already a low-recoil weapon.


Like I said before, this increases the damage image range hit by accuracy and the bullet velocity at the cost of aim downside speed and hit recoil control. I'm going to put on the Marquee R7 stock, max out the aiming out of stability, and then decrease the weight to increase the aimdown speed by 1.94.

Crouch movement speed Sprint speed and aim downside speed at the cost of some recoil control that you're not even going to notice, and last but not least, put on the true tack grip; this helps to submit the fire speed. I didn't change the width. I increased the weight by 0.52 ounces to increase the recoil steadiness.

At that point, it's no longer beneficial. Low recoil very useful weapon to use, and honestly. I think the refill is decent enough to actually take on long-range weapons and long-range enemies. It's the last one left over, so if that's something you want to use, I highly recommend giving it a try.

It's not perfect for long-range gunfights, but it's more ideal for short-range gunfights. Once you get to the long-range gunfights, your shots have to be on point if you're going to do anything like that. We're going to be moving on to the lockman sub, and this weapon is so good.

Ftac m-sub 12

Ftac m-sub 12

It's been good since the beginning of this game, and I still think that it's amazing, so we're going to put on the F-Tech M-Sub 12 inch for the bullet velocity damage, range recoil control, and hip fire accuracy at the cost of a downside in speed, movement speed, and hit prequel control. Now we're going to increase the damage range just because it's kind of important with this gun.

Make sure you have it around 30 inches of recoil; setting this, we can increase it and have it somewhere around point 22. Now for the laser, which you can put on the VLK laser at 7 mW, the aim down sight speed, aiming stability, sprint to fire speed, and the laser being visible in ads, you could change that up like you could double.


Up with the stock and rear grip and under the barrel, if you didn't want to have the laser, there are a bunch of things you could do. You could put a muzzle on there, but this is just for this build. The stock we're going to put on the LM stockless mod Don't worry; you're not going to suffer the penalties for this.

We're just using this for the aim down side speeds for the fire speed moving speed and hit recoil control. I know that the aim recoil does spike up like crazy, but that's why we have the Lockman TCG10. Now, with this put on aiming idle stability, increase it about 0.25; at that point. I don't think it benefits much more, and then recall stating that you're going to increase that now the handling is going to go down, but remember you just put something on that basically maxes that out along with mobility, so I mean, you could just max it all the way out, but I think the best choice is somewhere between 75 and 80.

It's really good for short to medium range; long range is not really the best. You're going to have to end up bursting a fire, and I just don't really suggest doing that, so stick to the short to medium range, and you'll do much better. I think it comes as no surprise, but the number one SMG is the fennec This thing is so incredible, and this build gives you no smoke at all, so we're starting out with the ZLR 16.5 ignition barrel, which helps with the damage range below hip fire accuracy and recoil.

Control now, the cons are aim-downside speed and hip-recoil control, and movement speed is not a big deal. We increase the damage range by 0.25 inches, and the recoil stain is between 50 pounds. We're going to use the VLK laser at 7 MW. This helps increase aim downside speed, aim stability spread, and firing speed at the cost of the laser being visible in ads. No biggie Put on the Agile Assault 7 and do not.

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