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0, just because I don't want these dead zones in DS4 to mess with my in-game dead zones that I'm running, you everything's fine through here left stick you can just roll down through here leave everything but change this and this to 0 and then once you get down here z0, again but once you get down here the output curve it's going to be on linear change that to enhance Precision Leave that as is.

Scroll down sensitivity is going to be 1; you can just put a zero in after one. Make this 10; it's maxed out. These are going to be linear. Change them into enhanced precision. Enhance precision come down here. Hip-fire delay is going to be 100 milliseconds. Just try to see whether that actually decreases the delay or not.

I don't know, but heck, if it's there, why not put it on? You can leave everything else fine through this touch pad. Let that pass through the light bar. I have on normal gyro normal; other times, come to the other tab you leave at the Xbox 360. Emulate, come down here. DS4, rate it's going to be 254 milliseconds, change that to one I don't know if this is an actual overclock or not in quotations overclock, but I put it on this and I applied and saved it.


If you actually want to overclock your controller, look up a article; it's a program called the highest BF. There are tons out there, but I'll go ahead and show you how to do this here. I set one up earlier. This is a test. This is the one I've been using. I'll go through and set this up real quick just to show you guys.

This is the assist that I have on now, an assist in quotations, obviously, but what you're going to do is you're going to come in here. You're going to hit new action. You're going to shoot with whatever you shoot with, whether it's R1 or R2. I shoot with R2, so I'm going to hit R2. I'm going to hit select an action record a macro keep Key State repeat while held, and then you got to name It, and then from here, everything's fine.

Don't hit save yet; record a macro. What you're going to do is come here. Change this to repeat while. Held, and then from here you're going to hit record, you're going to pick up your controller, you're going to take the right stick in your hand, and you're just going to flick it down and let it go, and it should look just like that, so flick it up, down.


Let it go. It should come up right, stick down just exactly like this, then from here you're going to come here and you're going to click insert weight five times, here insert weight, and then you're going to come up to here. Change these all to 1 second 1 second, 1 second 1 second, 1 second, 1 second, and this one's going to be 2 seconds.

That's just how it is. I don't know why, but make sure these are all at least one. Sometimes, if you're going to go into this, I'll show you the configuration of what you're doing in the game, but you change these values. If it's too much, you can change this to like 3 44 all these, but keep this one too, and then from here you're going to hit save, it's going to bring you back to the screen, you're going to hit save again, and then it's going to be here now.


Once you get here, you'll come back to controls, and then you'll hit whatever you shoot with, so I shoot with R2. Obviously, you got to come in here on R2, and you have to click left mouse click. That's what activates essentially the macro you have, so this will have to be Bound, to the left mouse button, and then again you'll hit, apply, and then Save, and then I'll come into this and show you I believe I don't have it on right.

Okay, so I don't currently have it, but this is the one that I use. I don't have it on, but I'll hit apply and save real quick. I'll go into the fire range and show you the difference really fast. Try to keep this article rolling, firing range. I'm just going to aim down sight. I'm not going to hold my trigger in or my right stick.

I'm just going to click the trigger. Obviously, as you can see, as you do this, it raises like crazy. It's actually honestly annoying how much recoil there actually is. Now, after setting that up properly, you'll come in here, and then you'll enable it, and then you'll apply and then save. You should be good from here, and then you aim down sight, and then just click the trigger no.


This is insane; it's such a beam anytime you're getting cooked by kids or anything. DS4 is completely unbannable; it's a controller interface that allows you to connect a controller, and it's just within it. And, amidst all this stuff, it's such a be if you watch; when you empty a clip and hold it, it'll drag it down.

I'm still holding my trigger in, so it'll drag it down, but what that is that it's counter setting, so it's throwing a little hitch in every shot that every time you shoot, it's throwing a hitch in to bounce your aim back up, so if you look deep, if you just hold the trigger in, it'll pull down a little bit, but what you do is when you're deep, you almost just bob it up a little bit.

As you're deep down a shot, you're just shooting, poking it up, and it'll absolutely just stick to the target. It's insane it takes a little bit to get used to when you change hands. Precision makes it a little bit stickier, but you'll get used to it. I mean, it's literally not bad; it's completely fine.


One thing I'll show too quickly is, I mean, it looks ridiculous just because it's an AR, but on a sub. This Y is insane. It's a macro I also have set up. I'll show you real quick after this, but with the rival, it's disgusting, boys. I mean, that's inaccurate. But who's taking a beam that far away?

But even if so, you can make it work. I have a ridiculous grip on my rival right now, but I'll show you this right now: it's the YY macro. It's the same difference, so I play default and I play automatic tax print so I can put it on my left stick. You'll come in here, under the left stick, and then you'll hit record a macro, and you'll essentially do the same thing.

You'll hit repeat while held, but in this one, you'll hit record delays. You'll then click record delays, and then you'll hit record, and then you'll just tap Y why on your controller, like you're going to tap Y why something, and then it'll record delays. It'll look exactly like this, but it'll have different milliseconds.


It might be like a 100 Whatever it might be, I changed mine to 39; some people play 25; it's just kind of ridiculous. 39 seems to be like, even though you can even go to 40 milliseconds, it just makes it look good, and then from there you hit, save, and then again apply

MW3 Secret DS4 Settings for sticky aim. Call of Duty Modern Warfare III.
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