News - Warzone 2: Freeing Makarov

All right guys, welcome back to Mar playing Mar 3. I was going to play multiplayer, but apparently multiplayer was deleted somehow. You know, I've played it several times, so we're just going to play the campaign hope you guys. Bravo's over the DZ standing by NOS on I on keep it quiet all right then braid copy move to set I did play this part recently, so I'm done already, so it should be fairly quick.

It was all a clear, descending stairwell. Southside, you are going to shoot somebody. All shooters should be advised to avoid launching an attack bird. Cy, we're heads up. Movement in the courtyard looks like a prison transfer. Not our guy on me. We hold for Charlie to light the fire, then head for the hatch in the courtyard to move the interior.

Hold up here, all teams. Al's in, Charlies on good to go fire in the hle stand by 3 2 1, enemies incoming get under ground one, and I Bravo Alpha's in the tunnels. What is your status? I'll see the control room waiting on you. Copy the air. Do stand by. We'll be honest. I did not play for three all the way through all teams.

Let's roll thunder, so I don't really like many of these characters. I mean, obviously, you're going to know Captain Price. That's it again; you're going to know Captain Price. I don't really remember any of the other ones because I didn't really play the original one. For cover, when we kick off, the Roger guards only clear more of the cell blocks on the left side, smoke them, and push right.

Watch your shot dead prison can't riha one to Bravo One, 55 moving to sub X4 right don't need that anymore I don't know where I'm supposed to go this way keep it tight I am to one okay let me. Dead clear Alpha 2 Charlie is actually secure; we're moving to Xville. Roger standing by, I'm gu think I'm noan since he himself is 21 alpha 1 ascending an actual secure prep for xfill.

The H copy station's top side is hot, and the top side is troops in contact copy. Now, thank you; Mro was supposed to handle that. If it was a problem, you should have dealt with it. Follow the cliffside to the water. Our boats will provide covering fire, so ignore them and get to the sickening sounds.

Watcher One de Bravo 6 Watcher de Bravo, too, goes for six. John mov is, Lell say again lell marov is out. He's on the move. John AB turn us around turn us around now, but Captain John Price reminds me of Dum Duan from the Captain America movie. No offense to M, but that's what he reminds me of.

Then, so that was chapter one of the campaign of M 3. I enjoyed it. I might be back, maybe not depending on how the articles go, but I will say this: I recently started putting some merchandise in a store. If you like this hoodie, you can find it in the store. If you want a shirt, sweater, or something like that, go to the store and make a purchase.

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