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upcoming, I'd love to have in the community, and finally check out my friends over at G Fuel for 30 off certain items like hype sauce tubs in the month of June, but more on that a little later. For now, let's jump into it. So first and foremost, the biggest thing here in regards to what you need to know if you want to jump into Play is when does it launch Modern?.

When does modern warfare 2 season 4 launch?

When does modern warfare 2 season 4 launch?

Warfare 2 Season 4 kicks off at 9 a.m. Pacific time tomorrow, depending on when you end up watching that; that might even be today, depending on if it is something that crosses that midnight threshold for you whenever you watch it, but it is also 12 p.m.

Eastern, that is, noon to 5 p.m. In the UK, and then elsewhere, denoted on screen for you guys with our sort of Handy Dandy time chart of conversions for all those different time zones around the world. You may very well not be in the United States; in the UK, you could be in Australia. New Zealand, wherever he may be, so hopefully that conversion can help you out a little bit.

Is there a pre-load for modern warfare 2 season 4?

To my knowledge, I don't think that anything's been said in regards to a preload just yet, but that could be something that's still coming here and oftentimes. In recent history, it's been something that's PlayStation exclusive. Only, and as of the time of recording this earlier in the afternoon by comparison to when this goes up, it is still something that preload is not available even on Playstation, so keep an eye out.

That's something that they've actually been really quiet about for the last couple of seasons; they haven't said anything until now, basically.

The content coming in season 4.

It comes out, so that's something to be aware of, but beyond that, we have a decent bit of content offering across multiplayer and the war zone DMZ.

All of what you have on offer for Modern Warfare 2 is sort of expansive. Universe, if you want to call it that for multiplayer, is one of the big things here in terms of functionality in terms of the new weapons : the Tempest Razorback and ISO 45.

The new weapons coming in modern warfare 2 season 4

The new weapons coming in modern warfare 2 season 4

Coming along in the battle pass now, we'll also see the Tanfa melee weapon. but that's something that'll tie back into the seasonal event here, which we'll touch on in just a second, but that's something that's going to be coming along in the release window, not necessarily at launch, but then we'll also be in season, not necessarily at launch, once again, unspecified shotgun.

So just bear in mind that these two weapons are the only things we get immediately, but they're not the only things we'll see throughout the rest of the season. The Tempest Razorback and the ISO 45 actually ended up getting a little bit of Hands-On time with them to give you a relative understanding of some Basics with them; they weren't terrible weapons.

I'm curious to see how they end up playing in the War Zone meta. I think, kind of comparable to the ffar from Black Ops: Cold War; it's a rifle that ends up having that ability that you can use it in SMG territory. And in regards to, say, a war zone,I think that it might be a viable candidate here for a sniper support weapon if you want something that can get the job done in close quarters and medium range. Almost exactly to what you may remember from Modern Warfare 2019, so it is very similar here in that regard, and then the ton foot didn't get around to playing with that, but it's a melee weapon when it comes to Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer.

The new modern warfare 2 multiplayer maps in season 4

The new modern warfare 2 multiplayer maps in season 4

Content: we have Showdown and Kunisinar, District as the 6v6, maps here: gunfight, we have Mercado and Penthouse coming, and battle maps: marshlands, as well as actor Village coming.

We'll also end up seeing Vondel Waterfront at mid-season here, so that'll be the next and third map we end up seeing for 6v6. It doesn't say anything about gunfights, groundwork, or additional maps, but that is something that is kind of spread out across seven, which is a decent number here, but I think I would like to see more in 6v6.

I'd like to see maybe one ground war map introduced per season and then throw that developmental time into adding additional 6v6 maps to the rotation, but seven compared to what we've seen the last couple of seasons.

The surprising amount of operators in modern warfare 2 season 4

Again, I wish it wasn't so spread out, but it's definitely better in terms of quantity operators; there's a surprising number of them here.

We have Nikto as our sort of key figure here, story-wise, and in that battle pass, he's the main one. Anna Vega is coming as a bundle operator; IO Is going to be the black cell operator; that's something we'll touch on in just a second, and then in season, we also have Izzy and Butch, presumably also another operator for the raid, coming at some point now.

The (unfortunate) return of blackcell in modern warfare 2 season 4

The (unfortunate) return of blackcell in modern warfare 2 season 4

Backtracking, slightly touching on Black Cell, is unfortunately returning here with season four.

We saw this introduced with season three, where it was a sort of Premium bundle for the battle pass.

The modern warfare 2 season 4 battle pass revealed

We'll also see this season with Black Cell's new contrails and parachute customization coming along with that, which is interesting. I'm curious to see how much that's going to be harped on because that's some stuff that is really minor, but you already know it's going to be added into bundles to inflate that price point a little further.

The new seasonal prestiges in modern warfare 2 season 4

and beyond that, we'll see new prestige and levels to grind out going upwards of level 850 at this point, which I myself have a lot of grinding to do because, well. I haven't been too pleased with the game the last couple of months, so I think that I'm still like below 450, like two seasons ago at the end of season two, but anyways, we'll get there next up.

The new assault on vondel event (season 4 event, rewards & more)

The new assault on vondel event (season 4 event, rewards & more)

I want to touch on the seasonal event here, which is the assault on Vandal, and what you'll see on screen is entirely dependent on whether I can get approval to show you it.

We usually aren't allowed to Showcase menu footage before release. And having gone to that capture event earlier last week, I was able to take a look at, at least at that time, what the assault on Fondle event was. Hold up, but again, it just depends on if I can show the images here for you. Anyway, this will be coming with the launch.

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