News - Unlock These 2 Free Camos For Warzone 2. Rotten Inferno Animated Camo. Wriggler Camo. How To Unlock

cod mw3 rotten inferno

Today I'll be showing you guys how to unlock the rot-inferno camo as well as the regular camo. I prefer the Run Inferno one just because it looks like Solar from Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare without the hands, and then the regular is nice, but it just has bugs. It looks nice because it's animated, but I'd rather rock out to Inferno.

Here are the challenges they need to complete to complete both, Camos. So to unlock the rotten Inferno camo, you need to complete five challenges from week one all the way to week eight. But here are all the challenges for week eight that you can do to unlock the camo as well as the Rook blueprint.

So first up, get three operator-long-shot kills with the glassless optic equipped with a recommended weapon. Use that optic, stick to big maps, and get long-shot kills with the gun pretty easily. After that, get five operator kills while sliding or midair with the recommended weapon. I did this one in hardcore shipment 247.

I just slid around Bunny Hop and got this done rather quickly, but make sure it's a recommended weapon. After that, get three oper laun shot kills with the Tyrant 762 kit equipped to the Longbow. Use that kit on the longbow and get three long-shot kills. Stick to the big map so you can get that one done.

mw3 animated camo

After that, we'll get three operator melee double kills, Stick to the shipment 24/7. Use any melee weapon you want and get double kills like that. After that, he gets three operator double kills with the Jack mag lift mod equipped to the Haymaker. I did this one in hardcore shipment 24 s just because I hate the hate maker and I just got double kills like that pretty easy.

After that, just get seven operator tags for St. Kills with the backsaw conversion kit equipped to the hoger 556. Again. I did this one in hardcore shipment just because I felt like it would be easier to get those tactical stance kills, but make sure you use that conversion kit on the Hoger 556, and lastly, get three operators.

First Blood, or King Slayer, kills with the recommended handgun. After that, you unlock this blueprint right here. The Rook, For HRM 9 and as Ron Inferno. To unlock the regular, you need to complete five challenges from this week's event called The Vortex Decomposition Realm. The first challenge is to get 30 kills with the crossbow or the japurifier under the barrel attachment.

mw3 free animated camo

Just stick to the hardcore shipment and use the japurifier to get this one done. After that, get 15 kills shortly after sprinting with a knife and using demolition. Fest, use the demolition vest and throw knives, and get kills like that after sprinting from stick to shipment. After that, get 10 kills with the mosquito drone or remote T.

A mosquito drone has a four-kill streak, and a remote T has a seven-kill streak, so you might need to try a bit harder to get this one done, but stick to the shipment just to make things easier. After that, he gets 40 hit-fire kills with the Jackbacka kit equipped; this one is an aftermarket part for the Hoger 556.

mw3 free camo

So get hit fire kills with that kit and stick to shipment 247, mainly hardcore, so you can get this one done rather quickly. And lastly, get 40 kills with the Haymaker weapon equipped, and also make sure you're using the Gunner vest perk. So just use the Haymaker and the Gunner vest and get 40 kills like that, which sticks your shipment as well, and you're able to get that done neutrally

Hello everybody, today i will be showing you how to unlock 2 free camos for the last week of season 2 of MW3. The first camo you can unlock is the Rotten Inferno animated camo. You need to complete 5 weekly challenges. There are a total of 8 weeks.
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