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Okay, everyone, so first up. I just want to let you know the tombstone is still working, so if you load into your game and you have your tombstone, you'll still have a bunch of things in it if you did the tombstone, including Glitch along with unlimited Essence points, just to reassure a lot of you who are wondering if it still works or not.

Not only that, if you go to a Tier 2 buy station, you can actually buy a sentry gun and a monkey bomb, and the glitch still works with the monkey bombs. I recommend throwing a monkey bomb down to distract any zombies in the area. Place your sentry gun down, like, jump on top of the sentry gun, then throw the monkey bomb on top.

cod mw3 xp glitch

Don't worry, I've got so many more glitches to show you in this article, and this is me showing you all the ones that are still working right now. When the monkey bomb is on top of the sentry gun, I like to wait around 7 to 8 seconds, then pull the sentry gun away from the monkey bomb and place the sentry gun back down again.

Once you have done that, the monkey bomb will blow up, and it'll still be there. Then there you go. You've got an unlimited monkey bomb, and it's there for the whole game. This is really useful if you pick up an Outlast contract. When you go over to the Outlast contract, you want to place down the monkey bomb and the sentry gun and do the glitch there.

I'm just going to speed it up. You already know how to do it now, but once you have it set up, you can now go and activate the mission for the Outlast contract. Once you've done that, enjoy; you've got unlimited zombies. This is really good for your camo challenges. As you can see on screen, you can get a bunch of weapons, camos, from doing this, and you can get weapon XP from doing this as well, but remember there is a weapon XP cap, so I recommend just getting it till you hit the cap, then go out of the game, go back, and get your Tombstone.

Come back and do it again, but you can also get your reward at the end of this, which can give you some juicy stuff as well that you can fill. So yeah, this is another one of the many things that are still working right now that you should probably do before they make it so it doesn't work after season 1.



Once you fill it out, you want to make sure that you quit your application as soon as it says successful. Once you've done that, if you've done it correctly and you load up your game again, you will still have everything in your backpack.

You will also still have a large backpack or a medium if you had one before, and your Tombstone will be their next game to rinse and repeat now. I want to show you how you can get an unlimited amount of stash as well, so for example, if you want to craft anything you want now, if I go to stash it, you'll see my stash is full.

So what I want to do here is I want to click on the swap button, and when I click on the swap button, I want to go over to my reward section in my stash. Okay, so I clicked swap. I go over to my reward section, and it doesn't matter what one you pick; you will not lose it. It can be absolutely anything, and you want to swap it for absolutely anything in your reward section.

Once you have done that, you will notice that your thing will go into your stash now, and you'll have an unlimited amount of stash, so for example, you can craft Ammo mods perks. Wonder Weapons, and so for an example you can craft ammo mods perks. Wonder Weapons and so much more, and then you can put them in your stash. When your cooldown comes down, you can do it over and over again, and over time, you'll have an unlimited stash of lots of things that you want to bring into the game.

Weapon xp

Weapon xp

With you next up, this is good for weapon XP. It's not a glitch; it's just a method. If you activate a double weapon XP token, it's even better without it, and you go to shipment 247.

Well, Rustman, 24/7, you will level up your guns like crazy if you throw decoys down constantly. Just go around and kill people. I like to do it on Hardcore; you'll just get a ton of weapon XP, and I recommend doing it right now. The Dr jenton Mission still works with the monkey bomb glitch as well as unlimited essence points, so you can get your Tombstone with your unlimited essence.

You can go in and buy a monkey bomb and a sentry gun, and you can do the unlimited. Zombies glitch in the Dr. Jenssen mission to level up your weapons, and you can also use the guns here if you have the circuit boards. And you can just get a bunch of XP for your events; I'll talk about that in a little while, but yeah, just the same with this one when you hit your weapon's XP cap.

Black cell weapons

modern warfare 3

Close your app, come back on, and do it again, but the other one is different. It's not XP-based, but the other one was, so if there're any more XP-based ones in the future, this is really useful for that. Also, the black cell weapons on the battle pass at the moment. For example, here you can get the black cell weapon if you don't own it.

I don't own it, so what you want to do is hover over that weapon, then you want to click the equip button on the weapon. This is not on the black sale one, and once you've got the equip button pressed, it will say Equip to favorite load out. As soon as you press this, you want to press up on the d-pad, whatever that is on Xbox as well as PC.

modern warfare 3 glitches

And if you want to spam the button to equip this weapon, it will actually equip it to your favorite loadout, and you can get the black cell weapons for completely free. Not only that, you can put different camos on it as well, and it looks insanely broken and insanely cool. You can also do this with skins and any weapon in the battle pass, and last but not least, for me showing you today, everybody, the camo glitch still works on multiplayer.

Private match So if you're looking to get yourself your double-kill camos, then you can do that right now. As you can see, this shotgun has the double-kill camos I need to unlock on it. If I go into custom games and kill a bunch of bots, it will actually unlock, which is kind of cool and very broken.

This will probably be fixed in season 1, so there you have it, everyone. There's an update article and a lot of other things. It's working at the moment.

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