News - Top 5 Warzone 2 Meta Loadouts After Update. Best Class Setups

Mw2 best class setup

Mw2 best class setup

So the Season 5 Reloaded update actually brought a lot of weapon changes here in MW2, so today I'm going to be giving you guys the new top five best-class setup slash loadouts that you should be using right now after the update. Without further ado, man, here is our very first class , Setup.

Best vaznev 9k class setup mw2

We're starting off with the Fast Have 9K; they didn't change anything about it, therefore the thing is still just as dominant as it was before the update. This is my second favorite SMG. My first favorite, well. I'll show that a little bit later, but here's the setup I'm rocking with: we've got the True Tech grip, we get sprint to fire speed so my weapon comes up quicker after sprinting, and we get aimed on sight speed so I can be quick and snappy with my shots.

best assault rifle mw2

We got the largest magazine we could possibly throw on this thing, the 45-rounder. You could take out multiple enemies without having to reload, get some crazy feeds, and do all that good stuff. I got the hollow point ammunition basically anytime. You land a bullet on an enemy and slow down, disabling their sprint for the first time.

It just ruins your day when you get shot with this. Don't worry; you'll see this in some future builds as well. So, op i then threw on the edge of the 47 grip. I just got an increase in my accuracy and recoil control just enough for it to, you know, be actually effective. The only downside is aiming down sight speed, but it's all good; we don't really care about that because my final attachment is going to give it to me back; we got the broadside fct stock; we also get sprint speed so we can get around the map a little bit more quickly and get more kills or whatnot; and then aiming stability for mobility accuracy.

I mean the best of both words; you can't go wrong with it for the tune. I tuned my rear grip for what the pros were: sprint to fire speed aimed at sight speed for the ammunition tuning, damage range, and bullet velocity. I did aim for walking steadiness and locking speed; they go hand in hand, so on an aiming and walking basis.

I'm not only quicker, but my weapon's going to be a little bit more accurate, which is awesome, and then we can quickly take this thing to the firing range. I mean, first off, mobility, Test amazing 80s Snappy no, recoil. Frizz, can you fight down there? shouldn't be, but you can.

Best fr avancer class setup mw2

Best fr avancer class setup mw2

In classroom number two, we have the FR Advancer, which is one of the weapons that was buffed in the Season 5 Reloaded update. They increased the damage range, so it takes fewer bullets to kill at those longer-range engagements. I covered this about a week and a half ago.

The thing was amazing. They just made it even better. I've included it because it's one of my favorite ARS to use in the game right now. So here's what I'm rocking with: We've got the Saion rear grip. You just get recoil control, plain and simple. It makes you more accurate. I got the 45-round magazine on again, and just as the VASM helped you take out multiple enemies, you don't have to worry about reloading.

best class mw2

You can't cancel reloads in this game, so you know you've got to be safe rather than sorry. You could do the 60 if you wanted. I think it just slows you down a little too much for my personal liking, but if you want to run it, you're more than welcome to. It's completely okay. I didn't throw the F-Tech Grouper 56 under the barrel.

I say it all the time, and I mean it: it is the best underbarrel for accuracy and recoil control. I mean, you could just look at it; it's skyrocketing, and then a good complimentary attachment to go along with that is the Cronin OP44. You get vertical and horizontal recoil control. I mean, this combination right here is literally deadly; it shoots as straight as an arrow.

You're chilling, and then my final attachment is the FR Sprinter. I explained it in the Vasna build: I love aiming and walking; I love strafing and being quick; that's what this does for me, and I also get sprint speed as well, so it's again a little bit of a hybrid. I could use this at a range, especially after the buff, and I could use it up close because I decided to make it for mobility, and then for the tunings.

I did recoil setiness and aiming idle stability, basically just tuning it for, you know, what I threw it on for. I then tuned my under barrel for recoil stabilization, aiming out of stability, fully dedicating this attachment to accuracy and recoil control, especially since that's what it offers, and the same goes for the muzzle tuning.

Just tune it to 49394, and you can see it heavily favors that recoil control, and then you cannot tune the FR Springer stock, so it's very straightforward. I'll bring this thing to the firing range and show you just how good it is. This is pretty much the same build I used in the article from a few weeks ago because it was just that good.

Again, I love it so much, and I use that 45-run mag and was able to take down all three opponents, so it works out very well. Top weapon in all of MW2, man, I love this thing for our third-class setup.

Best mx guardian class setup mw2

Best mx guardian class setup mw2

We have what I consider an MW2 and the best weapon to use, period, on shipment, the MX Guardian. Please do not knock it until you've tried it. It's that disgusting. So starting off with the semi-auto trigger I think this is incredibly important because, first off, you could reserve your ammo because it's not automatic anymore; you can kind of just tap it, and it has a really good fire rate, and you get high-grain ammunition.

It makes this thing stronger, and it makes the one-shot, one-kill potential greater. This is what makes the MX Guardian so good, in my personal opinion, so you've got to have that on. I then threw on the Bryson improved choked muzzle, so I get tighter pellet spread, so basically if there's my one-shot-one kill potential, because all the pellets are tighter, they're all going to land on the enemy a little bit better, and then you also get damage range, so once again, that one-shot-one kill potential has reached a lot further, so you've got to have that on.

best class setup

We then have the hype barrel, so we get the damage range of bullet velocity. You also get recoil control and hip fire accuracy, which is kind of relevant, but I mainly threw this on for the damage range and bullet velocity. the sprint, the fire speed I think this is a necessity as well, and then my final attachment is the mxdcp, Stock.

I then as far as goes for the tuning you cannot tune, the. Trigger action for the muzzle added tighter pellet spread and damage range I literally just tuned it for what the pros were for; the barrel I did aim for was walking speed and damage range. I got him to aim and walk. I'm going to be aiming down sights, so it makes sense for me to tune it for that same thing for the laser.

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