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Best iso hemlock class setup

Best iso hemlock class setup

So in today's YouTube article, guys, I'm going to show you my new top 5 best class-ups to use right now here in Fair 2 Season 2. Starting off our first weapon, guys, we have the iso Hemlock definitely, the number one weapon here in the mall for two at the moment. It was just banned in ranked play because of how good it was; you could be bad and drop a nuke with this weapon because of how good it was now.

This weapon did get a sort of buff; it does have hit scan now, so I just made it even more broken to use, so we're going to start with this, class it up, and go to the laser and add on the FSS. OV laser Now overall this attachment is very helpful I use it in a lot of my class setups, but this attachment here is going to give you a more aggressive type of playing style.

best class mw2

Downside speed: sprint to fire speed, so overall, this attached to me here is going to help you be more aggressive, have that play style, and get more kills. Now, the iron sights are ugly, so I am adding a red dot site. There are a couple that you can choose from, and I would honestly say, choose what you're more comfortable with, but in my opinion, my go-tos are the Slimline Pro, the classic Red Dot site, as you would say, and then you have the Corona Mini Pro.

I know a lot of people like the blue dots, so if you want to run this, you can for the blue dot, but overall, if you feel more comfortable with the original red dot site from previous Call of Duty, the Slimline Pro, which overall is my favorite, so this one I like to go with a lot. Now, for the stock, we are going to be using the Res 2 stock very, very good attachment.

I run a majority of my classes with the iso; this can help with aim lock, movement speed, and sprint speed, so we're just getting mobility here, running fast around the map, aiming, strafing, and moving faster. Overall, this is a very good attachment. Now for the rear grip. I should say; and our aim down size speed is going to be very fast.

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And then we're going to go to the final attachment, which is the under barrel, and there are a few that you can choose from the Commando 4 grips. A really good one is the Edge 47, the F-Tech grouper 56. You have the shark fin 90 grip and the phase 3 grip. This is what I've been using a lot in rank play; it's a very good attachment.

This is what I'm going to be using in today's class setup and the aiming. Auto-Stability, Hip-Far Accuracy, and Recoil Stabilization Now, really quick with the tunes and all my tunes for the UPS class here in today's article, I'll go through them faster. The article isn't too long now. I'm going to start with the X10 grip.

We're going to max out our sprint and our firing speed, and we're going to put our aim at low speed. 0.84.85 just try to get it as close to that as you possibly can. This can help us be more aggressive. Our handling is going to go up; it's going to break the ice very badly now. For the Res 2 stock, we're going to max out our aim walking movement speed and our aim downsizing speed.

We're going to bump up that handling and mobility. The weapon already has good recoil, control, and accuracy, so we're just going to make it more aggressive in its handling and mobility. Now for the Slimline Pro, I just maxed out the eye position that far. I say it in all my articles: it gives you less visual recoil, which is a very good attachment to max out, and then for the laser sight, we're going to max out our sprint, fire speed, and aim downside speed.

Now this is going to give us a really good chunk of handling here, so we're more aggressively aiming, going down sides a lot faster, shooting faster off a sprint, being more aggressive, and getting more kills. And then for our final attachment, guys, the phase 3 grip, we're going to max out our aim walkie movement speed so we're moving faster when aiming down sight and strafing, and our recoil stabilization will be at 0.65.

Best kastov 762 class setup

Best kastov 762 class setup

The bull's velocity is going to help our sling in the air; you have that hip-far accuracy and also that recoil control. I would say this weapon already has good recoil control, but it does bounce and has that visual recoil, so we will fix that later on, but this does help out a lot, so this is a very good attachment for number one.

Now for our next attachment, we're going to the laser and adding on the FSS OV laser once again. It's going to help us by giving us mobility, accuracy handling, shooting faster off a sprint, stability aiming down side speed, and overall just being more aggressive and getting more kills. Now for the stock: I am going to be adding some new stock here.

best class setup mw2

The broadside fcts can help with crouch movement speed, sprint speed, aim downside speed, and aiming stability. This stock right here is really good. I'm glad they're starting to add more attachments to the game each season. I think that's a very good idea of theirs, but this is a new attachment, and this is the new stock from the shotgun, so you need to max out that shotgun if you want to have this attachment unlocked.

It's also very good on mobility handling, and some accuracy is very good, so you want to add this on. The auto-stability for that accuracy is really good, and the attachment has no cons, so that's a plus. Now, real quick with the tuning guys, we're going to start with the shark fin 90 grip and we're going to max out the aimwaki movement speed in The Recoil stabilization.

Now, the shark fin 90 grip, since it doesn't have any it hardly has any pros and it doesn't have any cons, is maxing. It's not going to bounce as much now, and for the barrel, we're going to put our damage range at point 16.17. In that area, it's going to revert that Nerf as well to the barrel, giving us more damage drain so our bullets are stronger at a longer distance, and also that recoil steadiness here is going to be a point 30, so the weapon is more steady when firing.

Now for the laser, you guys already know I have to max out that Sprint to fire speed and aim downside speed to help us be more aggressive. A big chunk of handling is already there, and it's really good. For the stock, we're going to max out that aimwaki movement speed and aimdown side speed once again, giving us more handling and mobility, and then for our final attachment, guys, for the Sprint to fire speed, we have at 0.20 a good chunk of handling right there and also that recoil steadiness, making recoil control easier.

Control is even more steady, so it's very good now.

Best so-14 class setup

Best so-14 class setup

I think it got nerfed in the automatic version but got a buff in the single shot. It's still a very good weapon, and I've made a couple of articles that you guys have watched. But we're going to start with this class up here, the barrel, and we're going to be adding on the bore master barrel. This comes with bull velocity damage, range, recoil control, and hip fire accuracy.

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