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Best mx9 class setup mw2

Best mx9 class setup mw2

So the Modern Warfare 2 season 2 reloaded update is here, and there's quite a bit of new weaponry that has definitely shaken up the meta, so I have five new ones. The best weapons that you should be using right now, now after the update, and alongside that, I'll be covering some of the weapon teams that went on.

Play more top fives and so much more, and then do me a favor and click that thumbs up button. It literally takes seconds of your guys' time, and it really does help push the article out and give us more exposure. Without further ado. It's a pretty good complement to the muzzle we just threw on, and then finally, I have on the vlk laser 7 mw, which gives us both a little bit of mobility and handling on the weapon we give.

best class mw2

EDS's sprint-to-fire speed, just like our rear grip and aiming stability, makes our weapons a little easier to use at any given range. As far as the tuning goes, starting with the rear grip, I fully tuned this thing out for some mobility; we get an ad speed and Sprint to fire speed. I fully tuned my muzzle for recoil smoothness and bullet velocity, which is mainly for range and damage, which is great.

Barrel tunings We did nothing on the left-hand slider because, for some, it just didn't seem to do anything, so, you know. I'm going to leave it alone, and then on the bottom slider, we tuned it for damage range. Then, with laser tuning, we did Sprint to fire speed and ads. speed real quick. I'm going to get out of the way now, and I say it in all my articles, if you guys want to get these pinpoint-accurate tunings.

Make sure you guys plug in a mouse to your system. That's how I do it, or you could use the d-pad on your controller. It takes a little bit more time, but you'll eventually get there if you can't get the exact number I have. Just try to be within three and you should be good to go, but that's going to do it for our first-class setup, and then real quick.

I'll take this thing in the firing range iron. Sights I wasn't sure at first, but after kind of using the firing for like three minutes. I was like, You know, they're not even that bad we. I got some good speed out of it, and it feels really good at medium range over here due to the muzzle and barrel MX9. This is what we needed; we did a little bit more buffing on this thing, but this is a step in the right direction.

Best iso hemlock class setup mw2

Best iso hemlock class setup mw2

Next, we have the iso Hemlock. This thing wasn't buffed, it wasn't nerfed, it was completely left alone, and I had to include it because it is still one of my personal favorites and, just overall, a top-tier AR to be using in Modern Warfare 2.

So starting off, I have the 45-round magazine; it's the largest that goes on this. This is going to allow me to take out multiple enemies a lot without having to reload, and at first I'm like, Damn. I kind of wish I had a 60-45, which is literally perfect, so if we had to have that on next. I have the RCOM S4 stock; this is going to greatly increase my mobility.

I have sprint speed, so I can get from point A to point B. A lot quicker. I get AIM blocking, which I love so much; that allows me to stray faster, making it way harder for the enemies to land shots on me, and I get an ads speed increase; it's definitely going to come in handy, especially when I go over the other attachments we have on next.

best class setup

I have the Slimline Pro optic. The iron sights are cool and all, but they're just a little too clogged up for me, so I need some type of optic, and my personal favorite one is the Slimline Pro, Just better visibility overall. Next. I have the Fielder t50 barrel, which is going to make this thing an absolute laser.

Beam into the beast at Any range you put yourself into, we get damage range of bullet velocity, which is great again; it's just gonna make the weapon so much more effective at any given range, and we get better recoil control on it like we even needed It's already so accurate as is, and then finally, with the Cronin OP44 muzzle, we get vertical and horizontal recoil control again; do you really need it?

We throw it on just so we can literally not have to worry about recoil control whatsoever. As far as codes for the tuning, starting with the stock, I did EDS, which is an aim walking speed again; I fully dedicated this attachment to mobility. I want to be as quick as I possibly can, and I'll show you that on the firing range next.

For the optical tuning, leave the bottom slider completely alone, and then on the side on the left, we did ads depending on speed. On the barrel, we did recoil steadiness and damage range, so it's going to make my weapon easier to use and a lot better at any range you're in, and then finally, for the muzzle, on the left hand side, we tuned it for recoil stabilization, and then on the bottom slider, we did gun kick control.

Overall, it is specifically tuned for recoil control and accuracy. I'll take my ISO Hemlock to the firing range and you guys could see it. It is just so accurate with the ADS, is a little bit slower with the Sprint, and speeds pretty good from that stock, but the Stray speed is insane on this thing; it's actually really, really good. Literally the most perfect weapon in Modern Warfare 2, Next, we have the vel46.

Best vel 46 class setup mw2

Best vel 46 class setup mw2

They actually increased the close damage, range, and made those things a little bit more deadly up close, which is awesome, so this build is going to be for more run and guns and close range engagements, so for our first attachment we have on the slogger soldier grip, this is going to give sprint to fire speed once again, so your weapon comes up quicker after sprinting so you're ready to get yourself in a fight, and we also get ads speed, which makes the weapon a lot more quick and snappy.

I said it's going to be for more run and guns, so we'll kind of have the run and gun setup that we're having here? If we don't have the Vel. A568 collapsed stock, you get a huge increase in your mobility and firing speed, just like our rear grip, and we get an increase in movement speed, so we just feel a lot lighter on our feet.

best class setup mw2

Next. I have the vlk laser 7 MW aiming and stability, which is great, so my weapon's easier to handle and even more ads and sprint to fire speed, and then the only real attachment you need here to make your weapon a little bit more effective at medium ranges if you find yourself in those is the lochman dart 165 millimeter barrel.

You get recoil control and bullet velocity, so it's usable at longer range engagements, but again, you want to be on your feet at all times, so this setup here should allow you to get very high kills due to how fast it's Snappy. Again, you do not want to be sitting back with this; you just want to be on the move.

Modern Warfare 2 - MW2 Best Class Setups Best Class Setups MW2! These are the NEW TOP 5 OVERPOWERED GUNS AFTER UPDATE in Modern Warfare 2! NEW TOP 5 OVERPOWERED GUNS TO USE AFTER UPDATE in MW2! Modern Warfare 2 Best Class Setups.
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