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best m4 class setup

Season 6 of Modern Warfare 2 is officially here, and this is the final season of the game. With this new update, we made a ton of weapon changes. If y'all don't drop a like on the article for my cat, you guys are messed up. Starting off with the barrel, we have the Bruin Bridal, a very strange name, but you get recoil control, damage range, and bullet velocity, which are all really good categories.

For an assault rifle, there are honestly a few good options here when it comes to the barrels. Sincerely, this one is really, really good. Also, the long barrel is fairly good too, so you definitely have a ton of options for this weapon. Tuning on that though is going to be aiming speed as well as damage range just to kind of maximize that damage.

It's always good to have that for an assault rifle moving on to the magazine. I love having the 45-round mag. Now there is actually an attachment here called the GU single tap mod. I have yet to use this, but it changes the gun to semi-auto mode, which is kind of interesting, but I think it has more damage because it's a single-fire gun either way.

Just to be safe, definitely throw on the 45-round mag, moving on to the rear grip. We have the stip 66, grip, just for more recoil control. This thing definitely has a little bit of recoil to manage, so I like having this on. If you think you can control the recoil, you don't need this attachment.

best m4 class setup modern warfare 2

Probably throw on this one the tactical grip tape for Sprint to fire speed or ads speed, but we're going to stick with this one the tuning on that's going to be recoil steadiness as well as aiming idle stability moving on to the comb. I love the FSS, hard top comb, which gives you sprit to fire speed and ads speed.

The majority of the time, assault rifles are on the slower side, and I like to be just fast in Snappy. When I'm playing MW2. I'm also going to tune this for aim walking speed so you can strafe back and forth faster, but then also for ad speed just to maximize that ad time, and lastly, for the stock demo tack pad, this will help out with crouch movement speed, sprint speed, and ad speed just to kind of give this gun a little bit more movement and just give this gun a little bit more maneuverability.

best m4 class setup mw2

And lastly, you're going to tune that for ad speed and aim walking speed. I'm honestly a huge fan of this new AR; it almost reminds me of the Ram 7 from Modern War Fair 2019, but it has a great damage range. I really love the iron sight on this gun in particular. I feel like it's a very, very clear sight, and yeah, definitely try out this class.

Next up, we have the Iso 9 SMG, which is a brand new submachine gun introduced in season 6. I wasn't sure how to feel about this gun because we already have the IS-45 SMG. Starting off with the barrel, we have the 7-inch, ex-Raptor V2, which will give you speed, movement, and hip recoil control. Now, ISO 9 is basically a more SMG version of ISO 45.

This gun has a very fast fire rate and great maneuverability, and this barrel will honestly just capitalize on those attributes. Now that you can rock, you know, the 16 barrel, which is the longest barrel in the game, it will kind of make it into a more long-range SMG. You could also rock this barrel as well, which I used to rock on the ISO 45.

best mw2 m4 class

It's another great option, but I'm going to tune this 7-inch barrel for aim walking speed to strafe back and forth faster as well as damage range. Next up for the muzzle, we have the AVR T90, which will help out with horizontal and vertical recoil control. This thing definitely has a slight recoil to manage, so this is a pretty important attachment.

In my opinion, we are also going to tune that for recall stabilization and recall control, just to maximize. On that recall control next up, a brand new attachment for the ISO platform is the 50-round drum, and like I said, this SMG has a very fast fire rate, so you're going to be running out of bullets pretty quickly, so I think the 50-round drum is pretty vital.

Next up for the rear grip, a 30-stout will help out with recoil control once again. You're also going to tune that for recoil speed as well as sprint to fire speed, and lastly, I like to throw on the Cronin Mini Pro for the optic. I just feel like the iron sights on this gun aren't really that great, but it's honestly up to you, but I'm going to tune this optic here for more ad speed.

cod modern warfare 2 best class setup

Honestly, though, I think this is one of the best SMGs right now in MW2. I was a little skeptical at first, just because we already have the ISO 45, but this is honestly a very good close range weapon, any type of small map, or if you bring this on shipment, it will absolutely dominate. The next weapon on our list is the FR Advancer, aka the Famas.

And this weapon keeps popping up, and within the season 6 update, they actually buff this gun and increase the damage range, so starting off with the barrel, the longest barrel you can get is the long barrel. You get damage range, hit-fire accuracy, and bullet velocity. In my opinion, this is definitely the best barrel for this weapon.

We are also going to tune that for aim walking speed once again, strafe back and forth faster, but then also capitalize on that damage range next up. I love to use Fullcom Pro. This will basically make it so you have more recoil control with the vertical and horizontal recoil control that it has on this attachment.

m4 class setup

We're also going to tune that for recoil stabilization as well as recoil control. This gun definitely has a lot of recoil to manage as well, so this attachment will really help you next up. I like to throw on the 45-round magazine. Just to have more ammunition in the clip, you can take out multiple enemies in front of you, moving on to the rear grip of the RMT.

Grip this will really help out with sprint to fire speed adsp, just make this assault rifle a little bit faster and make sure to tune that once again for aim walking speed as well, and lastly for the comb, the FR Giga, which once again gives you sprint to fire speed and ads speed. This is definitely a slower assault rifle, so this will really help out the gun and make it a little bit faster to use.

m4 class setup mw2

You're also going to tune that once again for aim walking speed as well as speed. I'm almost positive that in the season 5 update, they also buffed this gun, and now with the season 6 update, they buffed it once again, in my opinion, though it's definitely feeling very good. They also increased the damage range, so the farther the enemy, the more damage range you'll actually have.

This assault rifle, though, isn't the best at very long-range engagements like that, so try to keep yourself in the medium. To close ranges for this gun, the next weapon on our list is the mini-boach SMG, and this is a weapon that kind of came out of left field. I didn't expect it before the season 6 update; they actually gave this gun a massive buff, so starting out with the laser, we have the FSS.

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