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So Warzone 2 has proven to be a lot different from Warzone 1. All the guns handle a lot differently, and you'll notice a lot of them are much harder to control, but that didn't stop us from finding the top 5 best loadouts with no recoil. I know your time is valuable, so I wanted to get a quick list of the top five guns I've been using that have the least recoil on the current patch, so let's get right into it.

Number five, we got the rail mg. Surprisingly enough, there is a build for this gun with a very small amount of recoil, even though it is a huge LMG, and most of the builds I tested absolutely bucked, but after a few different builds. I found the sauce and got the tuning perfect for a low recoil build.

So for the attachments and tuning, we got the F-TAC reaper muzzle, and then we're going to go up Plus 0.77 on recoil smoothness and to the right Plus 0.77 on bullet velocity, and then we're using the SA side grip, and then we're doing up Plus 0.57 on recoil stabilization and right Plus point 10 aiming, idle stability, and then the Step 40 grip, up Plus 0.61 on recoil steadiness and to the right Plus.35 aim, idle stability, and then the optic I've been loving is the SZ SRO7, tuned to Flinch resistance and far eye position, and then finally the Laz 44v3 laser.

top 5 guns with no recoil warzone 2

This one is probably the bounciest out of the five, but it's currently my go-to in the game because of how much damage it does. I swear sometimes it feels like I two-bullet people if you hit headshots; it puts people down quick, and this build is very steady for an LMG. One thing you could change on this build is maybe take the laser off for high velocity rounds or add a rear grip if you're already running high velocity rounds on your own build, but this is the one that just worked best for me out of all the ones I tested.

Moving on to number four, we got the rpk. Honestly, this gun is probably the current meta since it does the same if not more damage in the realm moves, costs less, and the reload doesn't take two to three business days like the route, but for real, if I'm not going out of my way to run the rail all day, then I'm running this for the full tryhard games.

top 5 loadouts with no recoil warzone 2

As for the build, we got the zlr Talon 5 muzzle tuned to plus 1.20 for recoil, smoothness, and right all the way on bullet velocity, and I know most people say not to go all the way, but on this gun, it still moves the graph when you max out, and it feels the best to me. Next is the F-TAC Ripper 56 under barrel, tuned to all the way on recoil stabilization and right.

31 to aim for idle stability again I tuned it to max out on recoil stabilization because it does affect it when you max it out; it seems like with lmgs, you're able to get away with this more often; and then we have the high velocity rounds tuned to a negative 0.54 for recoil smoothness and to the left negative, 6.68, for recoil steadiness; and then we have the demo X2 grip tuned to max out on recoil steadiness, max out on the Sprint to fire speed, and as for the optical running the aim opv4.

Tuned to flail resistance and far eye position, like I said, this is probably the best gun currently, but we'll probably see a Nerf eventually, so it'll be worth it to save this article to have some other builds for backups. I don't think we will see a weapon tuning update for a few weeks, so take advantage of this while you can.

top 5 warzone 2

I know I will be okay. Moving on to number three with the Lochman 556: this one has been called Ground 2.0 by a large part of the community. It doesn't hit quite as hard as the last two LMGs, but it has such little recoil that you'll be hitting more shots, so the TTK isn't that far off, and honestly, this gun feels so good you'll still be wiping out teams with ease.

The ground meta in War Zone One was my favorite meta, and throughout the lifespan of War Zone One I would always try to make the growl work because it was so fun and the iron sight was so good, but I'm going to shut up about the growl and let's get into the build of this lockman 556. We're using the Hardburger D20 muzzle, tuned to maximize recoil smoothness and bullet velocity, and then we're using the VX pineapple grip tuning tube of 0.31.

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hit by a recoil control and maxed out on ads speed, and then the barrel; we're using the 15.9-inch Lockman Rap. Barrel tuned to Max on recoil steadiness and 0.21 towards damage range, then the 60-round mag, and then we're using the OPV4, tuned to Max for ads speed and far eye position. All right moving on to the attack I was gonna put the TAC 56 in here but I feel like the tech V is just a little bit better so that's why I chose it but the TAC 56 is definitely not a bad gun I, just like the tacv more it hits really hard and The Recoil is very similar to the attack and like all the other guns I put in here I feel like after an rpk Nerf this one will be topped here as well I, guess we'll just have to see after a patch but the reason I put this article together is to give you all the absolute best no recoil builds I could find so for this build we got the zlr Talon 5 tuned to plus 0.99 towards recoil smoothness and plus 0.68, towards bullet velocity, and then we're using the f-tac Ripper underbarrel tune to Max up and to the right and then the 50 round drum and a FSS combat grip tuned to up plus.

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87 and to the right plus 0.39 and then we're using the same optic as the last one tuned to Flinch resistance and far eye position, yeah like I said I do like the TAC 56 but this Tac V just feels so much better to me but if you're more interested in the 56 I'll add my build in here as well this, is an iron sight build I've been using to be a little aggressive so keep that in mind and you can swap out an attachment for a site if you want but yeah just a little something, extra for the article This is the build I've been running.

175-inch Tundra Pro Barrel tuned to max out on recoil steadiness and damage range, and then we're using the Harbinger D20 muzzle tune to up plus 0.77 recoil smoothness into the right plus 0.52 bullet velocity f-TAC, the Ripper 56 underbarrel tuned to max up and max to the right 60-round mag, and then the FSS combat grip tuned to max up and max to the left.

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And, finally, at number one, we got the Falcon M. The Falcon is kind of a little bit of a hidden gem; I haven't seen too many people running it, and I think that's just because the RPG is so good. But this thing is pretty close behind it, and after an RPK nerf, it might be the top right next to the rail if it doesn't get nerfed as well.

I do have to say the reload speed takes two to three business days, but if you can get past that, this gun is absolutely deadly, easy to control, fast, and shreds teams. This is the build I've been running on it: the 20-inch black and silver series barrel tuned up plus 0.27 recoil steininess and to the right plus.30 damage range.

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