News - This Sva 545 Build Is "meta" Warzone 3. Best Sva 545 Class Setup / Loadout - Warzone 2

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What's good YouTube In today's article, we have high-kill gameplay with the SVA 545. This has been one of my favorite guns to use lately. It's a very versatile gun, which makes it perfect for Vand Del. It's good up close, and it's good at long range. It literally has no recoil and kills extremely fast.

Now let's get to the game. Yeah, for our first attachment, we used the STV Precision Barrel. This helps out with the bullet velocity, range gun kick control, and recoil control, so this barrel is very important for the recoil and also gives us that extra damage range to kill enemies faster. For the optics, you can use whatever you prefer.

I like to use the MK3 reflector because I use this gun a lot at medium and close range. For the underbarrel, we use the brew and heavy support grip, which helps out with the gun kick control, aiming idle sway, and horizontal recoil control. For the ammunition, I use high-velocity rounds. I like this a lot on my ARS because it gives it more bullet velocity, which makes the gun more accurate, and then for the last attachment, I use a 60-round mag.

Here's the complete build. As you can see, we don't have a muzzle on this gun, but if you want to throw one on, you could throw on the Spitfire suppressor, but I really don't think it's necessary.

Best SVA 545 Class Setup Warzone 3 Best SVA 545 Loadout MW3 Best AR Class Setup Meta AR Loadout. this SVA 545 build is META in WARZONE 3! Best SVA 545 Class Setup Loadout - MW3. Watch me live.
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