News - This Striker Class Will Take Over Warzone 2 Ranked Play



The striker SMG has been generating some interest in Modern Warfare 3-ranked play, so today let's talk about the class you might want to consider running in the playlist. It has a slower fire rate, but the damage is way higher, having the potential for both a four-shot head shot and a four-shot upper chest kill.

This is another situation where you want to make the SMG as consistent as possible to compete with all the weapons, so you're going to want to focus on its recoil, so once again, we have the S and ZX rear grip and the RB cus assault stock once again. If you want to be a little bit faster around the map, use the FSS, priority tack stock, or underbarrel, and use the DR6 hand stop.

I was using the striker Elite long barrel; you could also use the striker Recon long barrel. The pros and cons here are that the striker Elite long barrel gives you effective damage range bull of velocity and recoil but it makes you slower around the map while the Recon long barrel doesn't give you any extra recoil control but it also doesn't slow you down and its damage ranges are slightly better and then for the muzzle I have on the l4r flashhider the biggest reason I keep suggesting, this is the muzzle attachment is that it's minus33 to all your recoils and it doesn't have the downside that the purifier muzzle Brak s does of hurting your damage ranges and bull of velocity and also I cannot understate that whenever you're actually shooting not having a flash in the middle of your screen is also very nice.

Even though I've made articles on weapons that are probably never going to be used by more than like 3% of the player base. I am glad that more people are branching out and using different SMGs at the very least.



I don't know what's gotten into the water, but apparently the actual Striker is kind of good now. I mean, I'll test it and see if it's actually worth using or if it's just something that people tried out because they were. Bored; normally I would have jumped up there, but I messed up my nose and nuked that car, so I couldn't have gotten there.

Let's hit it now, even though it's too late and I'm packet-bursting, so I can't even climb up. all right God said I wasn't allowed to win that gunfight, I guess. I am packet-bursting so bad I can't do basic. Wiggy's team is killing, and it's not his fault that the team is. He's losing, and I don't want to be that guy.

I'm not one to hold grudges or like name drop, but you definitely are the reason that your team is losing and did lose last time, whatever I'll streak

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