News - The Fast Mcw Class Carries Warzone 2 Ranked Play



Today, let's take a look at the fast MCW class setup for respawn game modes in Modern Warfare 3 ranked play since the developers keep nerfing its mobility and handling by not touching its recoil or its damages. You can speed up the weapon without losing anything in terms of how the gun actually shoots.

This build of the MCW feels the smoothest, and in my opinion, the only thing it can't save you from is the solo Q experience. I can't remember if I've done an actual class setup where I talk about the attachments in depth, so we'll do that real quick. I have the RB claw PSL rear grip; this is a recoil buff with no downsides to the mobility you're handling.

best mcw class ranked play

Next is the MCW, or iron bark tactical stock. This is a speed buff for the weapon you get ads and sprint to fire speed here with minimal hits to your recoil, and there's some hip fire thrown in for those Close Quarter engagements. Or the underbarrel I have on the x10 Phantom 5 hand stop. This is some more ads and Sprint of Fire with some added recoil thrown in, which is why I chose this over the dr6, hand stop, which is more movement-based, but if you want to use the dr6, go for it, but I do feel the x10 Phantom 5 is a little bit better rounded out for the barrel.

This is the attachment you kind of can't get away without running because everybody else has it on, so you're just going to be putting yourself at a severe disadvantage if you don't have the 16 1/2 in MCW Cyclone long barrel, and then finally. I have the Slate reflector, but you can use whichever optic you want to use.

I specified using this MCW class specifically in respawn just because it's faster pace and there's going to be more gunfights. Sure, I just don't really think there's a reason to, but I'll leave that up to you if you like the article.

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