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best vaznev 9k class

The men of Ashika never had me drop a 43-kill game on Ashika Island, and with the Lachmann sub getting nerfed in the recent update, this is now for sure the new meta, so we're going to break down this broken best of 9K class setup. Let's get into it. So, starting it soft, we're going to be drawing on a muzzle, and we want to use the Bruin pendulum.

This is going to give us a massive increase in vertical and horizontal recoil, control, and power, making this gun extremely powerful. Easy to use and getting us almost zero recoil, and for the muzzle tuning, we do want to match the aim down sight speed and the gun kick control next, up pairing great with the brown pendulum.

best vaznev 9k class warzone 2

We are going to be using the cas One barrel, which is going to give us a massive boost to the damage range of Hipfire. Accuracy and bullet velocity are making this thing insanely diverse because we are going to be able to use it very effectively for medium and short range for the tuning on the barrel, we do want to Max the aim down sight speed and on this Bottom bar I used to Max it all the way to the damage range but I felt like that was a little bit too much and we were lacking, a little bit of aim down sight speed so now I would recommend either leaving it in the middle to keep it neutral or if you do feel like you want a little bit more aimed on sight speed go ahead and Max it all the way to aim down sight speed next up, since both of the first attachments, both take away from aim down sight speed we do need some to balance that out and how we're gonna do that is use the fssov.

Laser, this is going to give us the biggest buff to aim down sight and Sprint to fire speed out of any of the lasers on the United 9K. Giving this thing a very snappy aim-down sight speed while still maintaining a great damage range and recoil. Controlling the laser tuning, we do, of course, want to max out the sprint to fire and the aim down sight speed because we do want to keep these two stats as high as possible on any SMG build we are using before I finish off the rest of the build.

best vaznev 9k loadout

We now want to throw on the Ultra Zed stock. This is going to increase the overall mobility of the gun, making it feel a lot better, and in my last section in the article, some of you are asking why I don't use deep broadside, stock I honestly don't think we need the extra recoil or control, so I would rather have the extra movement, speed, and odors.

For the stock tuning, we do know Max's aim walking and aim down sight speed because we do want to try to get the best mobility possible, and last but not least, we do of course want to throw on the 45-round mag. It does really help us out. Don't hook up the article because we drop a 43-kill game using this broken loadout,

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