News - This Mtz 556 Is Overpowered Warzone 2 Ranked Play



The MTZ 556 is one of the flex-style assault rifles in Modern Warfare 3-ranked play. Its mobility and handling are leagues above the McWs; it has a faster fire rate; and for whatever reason, it also has a four-shot kill. With the ability to compete with the ARs at distance and the SMGs up close, this is one of the best.

Do-it-all weapons in the sandbox at the moment for the muzzle we have on the Cassis break. This is horizontal, recoil, and a good bit of it. If you can eliminate as much horizontal recoil as you can, the rest of it is pretty straight up and down to make up for the aim-down sight penalty we got from the cashes break we have on the DR6.

The best barrel for the MTZ, in my opinion, is the Clinch Pro Barrel. It's bullet velocity damage range and then firing aim stability, which is very nice for this particular weapon at distance back to the stock we have on the MTZ Marauder stock. It is a good bit of recoil control with not a lot of downsides.

And then finally, I'm using a Red Dot site. I have the Mark II reflector on, and you can use whichever optic you want. We launched my merchandise store, and until the end of the month. If you do that, I appreciate it.**.

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