News - This Kastov Build Is Cheating Warzone 2. Best Setup & Tuning Ak47 Mw2

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You youtubers i hope you guys are having a fantastic day. In today's article, we've got an absolute banger for you guys with the cast-off 762 assault rifle. This thing is basically the Amax in Warzone 2, and it is an absolute shredder. All right, guys, jump on board the class for today's article on the cast-off 762, also known as the AK, or some call it the Amax.

What we're going to start off with is the muzzle attachment. Some people are rocking the Polar Fire, but the ZLR, the Talon 5, is better in every single category. The reason we're rocking this yield is because, for the enhanced sound suppression, bull velocity, damage range, and recoil smoothness, it's the best suppressor out of the bunch for all ARS.

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So for the talent, what we're going to do is tune it towards max recoil, smoothness, and bull velocity, so we're going to take it there, we're going to see what happens, and we're going to leave it about right. At 1.03 and max bull velocity, it looks like we're going to leave it at maybe 0.72, but for the barrel, we're going to rock the cast in the 584 millimeter barrel for the enhanced damage range blue velocity if I accuracy, which really doesn't matter in his recoil control, so for the tuning on the barrel, we're going to put this to recall recoil, steadiness, and damage rage as well, so we're going to take our slider up; it looks like we're gonna believe this.

Just about, we're going to leave it here in about this general area at 0.37, but for the enhanced damage range, we're going to put it at 0.33. The lock grip? Precision I understand that it says it's for hitting with accuracy and recoils that it's an aim walking steadiness and the reason why we're rocking the lock grip.

Precision, we're going to put this at negative 0.25, aim, down sight speed, and I'm not going to change anything on the hip fire recoil control hit fire walking steadiness, just because our walking speed is just because we're not messing with hip fire; we're strictly worried about side to side recoil 80s speed; but the optic on the cast-off 762.

I'm playing this at maximum sight speed in far opposition; why are we playing it in these tunings? I want Max EDS, speed, and I don't care about the Flinch in Far Opposition, which gives you the least amount of visual recoil. Close probably looks better, but you're going to get a little bit more recoil.

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In my opinion, far is the best or the least amount of recoil. And then finally, for the last attachment, those of you guys that do play dual trios, quads, or trios and quads should put on the 40-round mag. In the article, I'm rocking a stock which is the RPK factory stock. The reason I like this is for the aiming stability and the enhanced recoil control.

I did play solos in the article, so yeah. I really didn't mind the big mag, but this thing kills so fast you can get away with it running in solos and duos, but for quads you definitely need a 40-round mag if you're running solos. I'm rocking this RPK Factory stock, and for tuning, I'm putting it around negative.

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181 ounces, you can max it out on the adsp, but you're just hurting your accuracy, so about right, until you see that left little dot move negative one point, eight one point, eight two somewhere in that area, and then here on the bottom side, you guys know me. I love this saving auto stability thing because you can see what it does whenever you take it out of stability.

You get max recoil. We don't it's just that, in my opinion, when you max out the ammo-auto stability on these stocks or underbarrows, it feels as if the gun does control recoil better and is more accurate, as you are seeing right here in the bullet. Almost done.

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