News - This Iso 45 Loadout Is "meta" On Vondel Park Warzone 2. Best Iso 45 Class Setup - Mw2

Start intro

Start intro

You, YouTubers, absolutely love Banger on Vondo Park with the ISO 45 SMG; this thing is neck and neck with the Lockman sub for The Meta SMG right now on Warzone 2. I live stream them every day at Kick.

Best iso 45 setup & tuning

Over with our third attachment, usually we're rocking the stock, and the stock's really good, but in my opinion, the iron sights are really bad on this thing, so we're going to rock the Slimline Pro optic for that precision side picture, just so it's easier to control the recoil and see what you're aiming at.

While using the iso setup for the tuning on the optic, we're going to go down towards aim-down side speed. We're going to tune that to negative 2.32 ounces. At the bottom, we're going to leave it right in the middle, neutral, not towards close or far, zero, and the reason we're doing that is because that's what visually looks the best, feels the best, and has the least amount of visual recoil jumping over.

With our third attachment, we're going to rock an ammunition, and we're going to rock the 45 Auto hollow point ammunition for the crippling power and stun effect it puts on the opponents, but most importantly, the reason why we're rocking this is the tuning for the tuning honor ISO meta. SMG setup.

We're going to go up towards enhanced damage range, and we're going to max-tune that at 0.70.

Best iso 45 gameplay starts

Best iso 45 gameplay starts

Get my full kills real quick; that guy's dead. That guy's dead as well; they're both dead. This guy did have a gun, so I'm going to snag this gun real quick and get ready to start cooking. We had two guns he was throwing, so I didn't pick up the perks. I'm going to grab these perks real quick because it's better to have perks than not at first, Landing on me.

This guy's probably a goofy goober. Another one landed on me, not getting aim assist next to these trees. It's a common issue. It's a really common issue. Just be aware that when you're taking fights, Sky's on my bottom right. He ran around and got the full kill. I got both pings over here. I'm going to go ahead and gas this off in case he tries to or smoke that off in case he tries to push me use the shock stick just in case I know there are more people around me.

best iso 45

I saw one drop down to my right, going to grab this communications vest. He's above Carl, and I think there's another one. Another one here; that's him right there. It's not the same skin I saw earlier, Carl, just killed. No, this is this game right here: jumping, on call right now, almost a bullet getting the knock, getting the full kill, yeah.

They're cheating, so the last one's on the corner right there. I'm not going to worry about him because he's probably going to run away by the time I get there, so I'm just going to grab all this. These little portable radars are really, really handy in this game. They are broken, so you should always pick them up when you get the chance; they're just like a little personal uavs all right, Chad.

Same thing cronin ISO, I'm going to stow my smokes to get extra smokes. Pick these smokes up, not hit that loadout, so we have it for later portable, UAV in pocket, let's roll now, let's go fight some people flying, in he's far away, so I'm going to play for that. I know that guy just landed in; he doesn't have any plates; he has no loot, so I'm going to play for him, so I'm going to hit a rotation here.

best iso 45 build

I'm not going to go up these stairs because he's going to hear me. I'll go up there where he can't hear me. I hear him above me right now, nine times out of ten. He's probably a Billy Bob up here. He's a rocket launcher guy behind me, gonna smoke myself off, gonna get the full kill, so I have the pings.

This guy's coming up the steps, you can see him you can see him. I hear another one here, but I'm not getting pings on him for some reason. I'm getting rid of this communication vest because you can't see directions. This guy's still here. I hear him. He's a burger, though, so I'm not really afraid of him.

He's probably playing my first. I'm throwing down this portable radar. I see him. He's right here. Look at that portable radar. It's like I'm hacking. Yeah, you're just a goofball brother, so I got more pinks. I got four pings above me, so someone has to land on the roof, so I'm rotating not to play the roof.

best iso 45 class

There's a cluster up there. You've got to be careful. There's one Billy Bob who's dead. I see the other one on the roof. I see another one on the roof. Try to get a kill on this guy. I can't get it. Try to get a kill on this guy. Choke my shots. Remember, there's one download on my right. He's coming up the stairs right now.

Here, on my left, I get the full kill. His team and his teammates are right here. He's going to jump up on this head glitch. You ain't going to jump up because he's nervous. I get the knock. I'm going to get the full kill. Holy, it's like I'm hacking; he's right there. To read a play flare for Carl, this guy's playing the stairs.

He might have faked me out, though he might have run behind the stairs. I'm going to check it. Wait, he jumped off. He's playing for the loadout. He's on call. Carl probably has that under control, so I'm not going to waste my time with it. I'm going to play the stairs here. Let's use our little portable UAV.

best iso 45 class setup

Okay, so I see they're all below me. This thing's literally a free UAV; there's one right there that I'm not going to shoot yet because I don't want to give away my spot. I'm going to wait till I secure the kill, just like that. I shoot his feet, and he runs inside. I don't secure the kill, and he maybe kills me later on.

So this guy is scanned; he's either AFK or he's in the air; he's AFK. Get the full kill on him. There are two more guys to my left right here. One's running away one, is like ads in this guy just saw me, so I'm going to play this kind of slow. He's getting ready to Chow. I'm looking at him in the top left corner.

I can see the direction he's looking from the UAV. He has no clue. I sneak up on him and get the kill. I had three more in front of me. I have two rosters in front of me. So, in this situation, I have to take it slow because I could get myself in a really bad spot. I get one full kill. One's right below me in the water right here.

best iso 45 loadout

I need to be very careful, so I'm just going to go ahead and back it, like I'm just going to get myself in a bad spot, like I can just feel it. That's a really bad choke point right there, so I'm just going to hit the regain, get my plates, hit the reset, and probably hit this guy on the roof real quick because he thinks he can shoot with me and I just know he can't.

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