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youtubers 39 bomb on Vonda Park with the first lmg you unlock the PM yacht 762. This thing is absolutely meta. I'm bringing you guys the best build for it.

Pulemyot meta setup

All right, guys, board the classic for today's article for the P 762, also known as the Meta LMG. Starting off, we're going to go down here to the right, and we're going to run a conversion kit.

We're going to run the Jack Annihilator Bullpup Kit for enhanced mobility and handling rate of fire, hit and tag Dan Sprad, and down sight speed. Those of you guys don't have this unlocked. I think you have to get the PM yacht max level and then do a certain challenge to unlock the aftermarket part, but you absolutely need it for this build for the second attachment.

best mw3 pulemyot 762 class setup

For the PM yacht setup, we're going to rock a muzzle. We're going to rock the VT7 spirit fire suppressor. For the enhanced recoil control, bull velocity, and enhanced damage range, we're also going to rock this because it makes you undetectable. By radar, what does that mean? Basically, when you're running this and you shoot, you're not going to show up as a red dot on the mini map.

We're going to rock a barrel, and we're going to rock the Jack Annihilator long barrel, but then enance bull velocity and range J. On board with our fourth attachment for the pullam yacht setup, we're going to rock an optic because the iron sights are horrible, and we're going to rock the meta poro.

Eagle Eye 2.5x, optic for that 2.5x magnification. And just simply because this is the best optic when it comes to long range, you're open to using any optic you want, but I think this is what this one is what feels the best on the setup. Jumping aboard with our fifth and final attachment for the PM yacht setup, we're going to rock a stock, and we're going to rock the Commando D15 recoil reduction stock for simply that to get the enhanced gun kick control, fire-aing stability, and recoil control to make this thing that much easier to use.

With that being said, that is the meta PM yach 762 lmg class it up.

Best pulemyot gameplay starts

Best pulemyot gameplay starts

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I swear to God, I think there's a guy in the wall right there. I had a get-on UAV, but it might have been him. He really thought he was him, but he wasn't. He got a good attitude adjustment real quick.

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