News - This One Shot Katt Amr Loadout Is "meta" On Vondel Park Warzone 3. Best Sniper Setup - Warzone 2

1 shot sniper

YouTubers, 30 kills in the brand new war zone with the one-shot sniper, the cat AMR. I built this thing for fast ads and great bull velocity, and this thing is so freaking good. Like the article, you guys want to catch these game plays live. I'm live every single day at {394}. Stock pad for enhanced aiming out sway and fire aiming stability.

This stops like the bounciness and the jumpiness of the scope when you're aiming down sight; whenever you do shoot, you realistically don't even have to hold your breath with this setup, and it makes it very, very op jumping on board with our fifth and final attachment. For the cat AMR setup, the default scope is kind of clunky and big for Bono Park, so we're going to change an optic, we're going to go over, and we're going to rock the forge Tac Delta 4.

Optic, which was a metos scope back in War Zone 2. With this, we're going to run the Blue Dot, and it's just going to make this thing ads faster and just feel better all together as a faster sniper on Vondal Park. With that being said, that is the meta, one-shot sniper cat AMR. Real, redeploying well done, kill confirmed, a do you not remember that guy being the best player in the game in War Zone 2 with audio, him ottering May Oppo would land, him OT mppa would land hydro, and they were literally the most feared players on the map?

best kart amr class mw3

That team was incredible, and then all of a sudden, just poof, poof. I don't know what happened after that day. One day, it just all went by, not really sure what happened it just it just disappeared it just stopped happening they wereing insane they were literally insane I'm not trolling either when I say that they were soing good used to go over there and get.

Redeploying well done, yeah, so I'm not falling for that.

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