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So for today's article: I got you guys a 40 kill gameplay with the best XRK soccer class setup in War Zone 3 all right, so getting straight in a 2D one shot XRK sniper build 40 muzzle I was rocking the Sonic suppressor for the undetectable by radar, which is not as important when you are rocking a sniper, but you actually do get quite a bit of bull velocity and damage range, which I say every article man Bull velocity is the best stat in the entire game, man, especially when you are rocking the sniper.

You actually need bulli, even more so, so definitely make sure you guys all rock in the Sonic-only suppressor and only Muzzle you should be rocking. Which is a very good man on any gun in the entire game and really good on a sniper in particular. Now moving on to the barrel category on the XRK, stalker, for the barrel, make sure you guys are all rocking the Fision 60 barrel for the bullet to range a ton of it, and then the aiming auto stability and firing aim ability: if we come over here to the advanced stats on the Fision barrel, you guys can see this is one of, if not the best, barrels overall in the entire game.

best sniper class setup

You guys get 24% on the effective 24%, on the minimum, and then finish it off with 20% on the blue velocity, and those stats alone will outweigh literally any other con in the entire game that you do get, man. That is a crazy amount of damage range and a crazy amount of bullet velocity, which definitely makes you guys all rocking the Fision 60 barrel and then moving on to the laser category on the X-rcade stalker.

I was going with the Coro laser for the aiming stability and the ad speed. You do get the laser being visible during ads, but I really don't feel like this is a con, especially on a sniper; they're really not going to see it coming before they're going to be down from the one shot, so definitely go with the Coro laser.

If you guys want the blue laser that I was rocking, man, you guys make sure you rock the cold wind laser. If you do have it, this will be a blue type of laser. It does say green, but it is blue in the game, so that's how I had the blue laser on the XRK. And then moving on to the next attachment, on the B that was rocking the xrk, stalker lightbolt for the reach hammering speed This is just going to be a slide of the hand.

best xrk stalker class

If you don't have this, it's going to be pretty slow on the reload. Now with the XRK soccer lightbolt and a slide of the hand, it's going to reload very, very quickly. I would recommend rocking both of those at the same time. Make sure you guys are rocking both the slide of the hand perk and the XRK stalker light bulb, and then when we go to the final attachment, but the most important attachment, the 50-cal high-grain rounds This is going to give you bullet velocity and damage range.

Now, I'm pretty sure if you don't have this passing on the XRK soccer, it will actually not take one shot to the head or the upper body. I'm not 100% sure on that man, but make sure you guys go unlock this, like I said, easily, the most important attachment on this whole build. Build you guys to get 15%, minimum 15%, effective, then another 15% bull velocity, which puts your gun at 13.4.

best xrk stalker class mw3

But a man is the best XRK soccer class setup in War Zone 3. I hope you guys enjoy the gameplay. I hope you guys have a great rest of your day or night, and I'll catch you guys on the next one. Peace. Kill confirmed, we located the rest of them, the enemy lost track of you, good work down, there good kill marking the rest of that squad on your t m get hun actually better that way to get load out cuz now we can land on it ground move.


the XRK STALKER is 1 SHOT in WARZONE 3! Best XRK STALKER Class Setup - MW3.
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