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best xrk stalker class

Welcome back to a brand new Call of Duty War Zone article. In today's article, guys, we're checking out the best class setup right now for the XRK, stalker sniper rifle, which is going to give you an insane sniper with great damage, great range, great mobility, and overall is just one of the Meta weapons right now within the war zone.

Before we get into the article, if you guys need help getting new contracts or finding players to play with, feel free to check out my Discord. There's lots of great players on there always running, so if you're looking for some great players to play with, that is the place to be. So guys, while the cat AMR has been one of the meta snipers for quite some time, a lot of people are moving over to the XRK stalker, and this is because it kind of simulates.

best xrk stalker class mw3

What the car98k felt like within the original war zone was a one-tap headshot, great damage, and a fast mobility sniper that put in a lot of work. I personally do think that the XRK stalker is better than the cat AMR right now, even though the cat AMR has higher damage. The mobility on this one, along with its damage, makes for a great combination that can help you get some easy and fast kills without having to worry too much about standing in the open, so without further ado, let's check out the attachments that we have in today's class set sub article.

So guys, for the first attachment, we have the XRK and Knall suppressor XL, and this is going to give us the undetectable radar pings that increase B velocity and range and increase recoil control. For the attack attachment, we have the Fision 60 Barrel, which is going to increase our bullet velocity and range, our aiming idle sway, and our firing aim stability.

For the third attachment, we're using the no stock just to give us a lot more sprint to fire speed, aim down sight speed, moving speeds, and walking speeds. For the fourth attachment, we have the 50-cal high-grain rounds. This is going to increase our bull velocity and our damage range. You can also use the 50 cal spike points, but they have been nerfed a little bit now, I believe, and they just don't feel as great as the 50 cal high grain rounds.

best xrk stalker class setup

And then for our fifth and final attachment, we have the XRK stalker factory grip, which is going to increase our SM to fire speeds and our aim down sight speeds. So, guys, here we have it. These are the best attachments right now for the XRK. It's definitely one of my main weapons right now, and I think you guys will like it, but that's going to wrap up the class portion of today's article.

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Welcome Back! In todays video, I will be showing you guys the BEST CLASS SETUP for the XRK Stalker in Warzone.
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