News - The Striker 9 Is "meta" Warzone 3. Best Striker 9 Class Setup - Warzone 2

best striker 9 build

It's your boy. Shay, and today I show you guys the underrated, fast-clean Striker 9 class setup in War Zone 3, but before you get to the class setup, I do want to show you my game plays and classes in the channel. Make sure to subscribe and turn on that b to say to when I post all right guys for the Muzz.

First, attach the striker 9 class set up. Make sure to rock that Bru Pena muzzle for that gun control vertical recoil and that horizontal recoil. Next, we got the most important attachment for the striker n class setup, and that barrel was a striker Elite long barrel for that b of velocity aiming out of s Rec.

Try that damage range. Next, go down and see under Barrel. Make sure to slap that, Dr. 6 hand stop under barrel for that aim walking speed, aim downside speed, sprinting fire speed, and that movement speed. Next, we go over to stock and make sure to write that laughman Recon series stock for that gun that can control firing aim, aiming out of sway, and that Reco control F for magazine.

Last but not least, for this Striker 9 class set up, make sure to slap that 40-round mag for that magazine ammo capacity. All right guys, so you have the number one underrated Striker 9 class setup in War Zone 3. I'm not going to waste any more time, article, or

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