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best striker 9 build

I dropped 46. Kills using the best Striker 9 build for War Zone 3 so in today's article I'm going to break down every single attachment you guys need to be running on your Striker 9 to make it one of the best SMGs in the entire game so jumping straight into the first attachment for The Meta Striker 9 build we are going to be starting with a barrel and the one we are going to be using is the striker Elite long which is going to increase our damage range and accuracy, as you can see we get a 12% increase both the effective and minimum damage range 15% to the bow velocity, and on top of that we get a 6% decrease to The Recoil gun kick and 9% to both the horizontal aage vertical recoil making this build a lot more effective at long distances and a lot easier to use next up since this gun does have a pretty vast fire rate we definitely need to throw a magazine on and the one we are going to be rocking is the 50 round drum mag this is an absolute must especially if you play the bigger modes like trios or quads are you tired of skill-based matchmaking giving you these sweatiest, lobbies.

I would definitely check out SPMM. Next up we are going to be using a ammunition type on this build and the one we want to use is the high grain rounds which is going to increase this build's damage and range another 15%, to both the effective and minimum damage range as well as the bullet velocity and it's going to make this build very good from short and even medium ranges now we do need something to up our mobility and handling so with that being said we are going to throw a under barlon, and the one we are going to be running is the edbw, 4 hand stop which is going to do exactly that gives us a 9% increase to movement speed as well as about a 6% decrease with the aim down sight and Sprint to fire time and for a second option if you would like a bit better recoil control instead you can also throw on the ms98.

best striker 9 class setup

Hand stop and you will still get that 9% increase to our movement speed but instead of getting the handling buff we get a 6% decrease to The Recoil gun kick and 7% to the vertical recoil, which will just make this build a bit easier to use and now for the fifth and final attachment if you have watched my channel before you already know what we're going to throw on it's going to be a muzzle and the one we are rocking is the Zan 35 compensated Flash hter, the best muzzle in War Zone 3 in my opinion it gives a 5% decrease to the horizontal recoil 15% of the vertical recoil while only giving us a 5% increase to our aim down sight speed making the striker 9 have very little recoil while still being very quick Here's the full metast Striker 9 build for War Zone 3 season 2, a very solid option for an SMG right now, and using this build.

best striker 9 class setup mw3

I dropped a 46-kill game on Von Del Park, so without further ado, let's get into Moving, My. God, I almost just walked through the lobby for us; he was so one shot dead now. Never mind, these kids are terrible. All right, your s's in the safe zone, my god. From there, hunt them down, enem dropping into the AO enemy destroyed, and use your to hunt down the rest of them.

BROKEN STRIKER 9 Loadout in MODERN WARFARE 3 new STRIKER 9 Class Setup in MW3.
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